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3WM Welcomes the Return of The Baffler: and how I became a tool in Prague


By Mizaru

Branding Korea! How about Culture Shock Day with Mannam?

Branding Korea! How about Culture Shock Day with Mannam?


By Kyla Polanski  (Part 1 )

“Hello!” said two smiling Korean girls (women/girls?) who were standing with flyers and clipboards. They asked us if we knew about an event that was being held at The War Memorial on Monday, August 15th. We didn’t, but it seemed like it was going to be a huge celebration by the way they were going on about it. I remember words like,

Why I Shy away from the Filipino Community



By Ardie Ermac

Obstruction and Doubt: Investigating the Case of Army PVT Andre Fisher

By Iwazaru with Marie Kulik

As 3WM continues to investigate the case of Pvt. Andre Fisher, a significant quantity of information relating to the case cannot be written about within the public domain (by any entity operating with South Korean press credentials) whilst the case is pending. Unfortunately this means that the following information is, for the moment, essentially embargoed. The gist of it, however, is as follows:

The Tokyo Game Show 2011: Games and Gals in Costume


Authorities Shutter HBC Fest but Musicians to Play: Show Must Go On


Ironman KOREA: Jeju Island, Summer of 2011


By Leann Peters

An amazing event was held in Korea last weekend: the Ironman triathlon. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile ride, and a 26.2 mile run.  Massive! They also offered the Half Ironman, which is half the distance, and the race that I did. Here is how it went down on race day for me.

Race Morning and the Swim

The Blind Musician of Singapore


By Belle Crawford

When I was in second grade, the health teacher made all the kids in my class wear safety goggles covered with black paint. Once we had the goggles strapped to our heads, she lead us one at a time from our classroom to the cafeteria and back. “How did it feel?” she asked afterwards. We wrote our thoughts down on paper and handed them in for a grade.

U.S. Army Pvt. Andre Fisher Will Take Case to Supreme Court of Korea


By Iwazaru and Marie Kulik

(for background information on this case, see: 
The Convoluted Case of Pvt. Andre Fisher)
Yesterday afternoon, August 31, 3WM visited Andre Fisher at the Seoul Prison and can report that he is appealing his case to the Supreme Court of Korea. He is in good health and expressed renewed faith in his case since the rejection of his appeal last week by the Seoul High Court.

Young American Man Erupts on Bus Confronting Older Korean Man

By Iwazaru
[UPDATE] According to Herald Media and the Joongang Daily the assailant said to the police that there was some confusion and that he thought the 61-year-old man, a Mr. Seon, was demeaning black people. The Joongang quotes the police saying, “The suspect said that he felt humiliated by Seon’s words, and it really fired him up,” a Bundang Police official said. “He didn’t deny the assault, so we will charge him soon without detention.” In addition, the man said he’s willing to apologize to Mr. Seon.

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