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Expert Travel Shut Down, Scammer Kang (AKA Kim) Still out There

By Iwazaru

What Happens When Your Korean Dragon Lady Director Goes Hunting

By Allen Smithee

As you the reader knows, no teacher ever plans to end up in a failing academy. However, shit happens in this increasingly dicier job market. The dicier the economy the more threadbare are English teacher choices: you’ll grab at anything, even potential stinkers. You do your Internet background check, if the place passes; you dive out the door pushing any misgivings to the back of your mind.

Earlier this year, after two wonderful years of teaching in a public school position, I faced this prospect. My employer had run out of money, rumour had it a retiring government official had embezzled area funds and so the area needed to cut back on expenses. Thanks for your teaching, please don’t name Mr. X in a story and turn in your keys as you leave.

Making Kimchi with the Hong Sisters: A Tradition of Taste (Pt. 2)


By Seon-Myung Yoo

Read Part 1.

Neighborhood Review: Do you remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinchon?

By Mizaru

Editor’s Note: This begins a loose-leaf, round the dial, yawp heard round the world on diverse (hopefully) neighborhoods in Seoul.

Part 1

I’m in Love with modern moonlight

And the neon when it’s cold outside

I’m in love with rock ‘n’ roll and I’ll be out all night

Getting My Bipolar Brother out of Korea


Editor’s Note:  This story is a follow-up to the two-part “Bipolar, off the Rails and Locked up in Korea” story written by a man who found himself in a Korean mental hospital before being drugged and put on a plane back to America.  What follows is the story of his sister who had to try to get him back home in one piece.

The PVT Andre Fisher Case: Evidence, Counsel and the Prison



By Jamie Grimwood and John M. Rodgers


Like KPop? Try KJI’s North Korean Minipop


By 3WM

Vaclav Havel: Playwright, Poet and Dissident Supreme Moves on to his Final Castle


By Mizaru

Merry Kerry Samosa


By Conor O’Reilly

Imagine, one morning during an English teaching adventure you wake up, smell for the cleanest t-shirt, eat the usual breakfast of ramyeon and toast, and leave for work.

Kim Jong-il Dead, S. Korean Military Put on High Alert—What’s Next?


By John M. Rodgers and Peter Ward

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