From the Scene

Who and What Started the Fire on Itaewon’s Hooker Hill?


By John M. Rodgers

Smart Phone Thief Caught Red-Handed by Victims in the Hood

By Manley C. Fatz

Editor’s note:  The following is a true story but names have been changed.


Profile of a Thief

Now Vincent is a nerd, a nice nerd, a friendly nerd but a nerd nevertheless. When he got a new phone he knew what he was doing–the processor was the best and the fastest, the screen was the brightest and it had the most memory out of any phone on the market. He didn’t even mind that it was a Motorola. When he got the phone he rooted it (“Rooting” is what nerds do to their smart phones but then cannot explain to any non-nerd what the benefits are). Vincent loved his phone, hell, he loved it so much we all loved it on his behalf. That’s why we were so upset when it was stolen.

Expat Teachers Face More Visa Hoops in Korea (E and F Holders)

By Matt VanVolkenburg (From Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Editor’s Note: Any teacher in Korea or planning to come should read carefully and decide whether he or she wants to be labelled a drug user and disease carrier in exchange for teaching English.

As blogged at the Marmot’s Hole last week, seven Korean-Americans, including two lawyers and a native speaking English instructor, were arrested on drug-related charges on March 15, with all but one being arrested for dealing. As the Korea Herald reported,

The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: Much Ado About Nothing?

By Iwazaru

One Drop East: The Show and The Band–Rockin’ in Busan


Travel Scam Artist Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Victims Likely to Be Left Empty-Handed

By John M. Rodgers

Driving in Seoul: You Are What You Drive


By Marie Kulik

A Misguided Class System on the Roads of Korea

Do you Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinchon?—The Liner Notes (side A)

By Mizaru

Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Ceiling at Nori

Restaurant Pyongyang: Food, Drink and Propaganda in Phnom Penh

By SmurfyStew

Behind Shanghai’s Skyrocketing Standardized Test Scores

By Jake Reed

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