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Casey Dying at Bat on Stage (Video)

WTF, America! It’s laudable to hold Americans and American shortcomings up to public ridicule during an election year. But, why does it have to take the form of a comic routine? I don’t just mean Jon Stewart’s “tour-de-force“. I mean, why does every form of American public culture have to take the form of a loner facing the camera, the crowd, the odds? The talking head in the studio facing the camera isn’t Casey at bat! Or, a stand-up comedian bombing on stage.

And, can anyone tell me why Nikki Haley deserves this free advertising?

Americans need more pugilistic and football references in their political culture!

An out of context quote does not make you a racist

An out of context quote does not make you a racist

Bush Redux: Don't view within several hours of a meal

I felt like being lazy with my post today. I wrote a lot last week, including my piece for Pajama's Media, the voice of the ultra-right wing.I know, I know, but they are the 37th ranked media blog on the net, and they have excellent coverage of absurdities on the far left. Of which I have an equal distaste with absurdities on the right. My diet may not be balanced, but my intake of commentary at

Cheney assassinates Obama after only 56 days in office

Seldom does life offer such dark comedy the likes of our former Top Dick defending the Bush record while taking pot shots at the sitting president on national television. A president who is left to manage the mess Cheney helped make.It was like watching an arsonist yell obscenities at firemen outside a building he just set ablaze.In an interview with CNN's John "No, really I am a journalist"

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