Enlightenment in Español

Summer is over.
Fall is here.

My body handles this transition the worst out of all the seasons. Nature slows and draws inward during this transition to winter. Since we are part of nature, our bodies do as well!
I've noticed over the past few years that my "draw inward" always progresses in eight stages.

They are as follows:

Easy Exercise Ideas for Busy/Lazy People

Summer is on its way in FULL FORCE. Summer= SWIMSUIT~!

Anyone out there shuddering?

I'm going to start off by saying, there is NO SHORTCUT to a "good body". Anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something- without exception. When I say "good body" I do not simply mean a "thin" body. My definition of a good body is one that is full of energy, vibrancy, strength and health--- and consequently, it probably looks good to the naked eye.

Excuses.... excuses....

Sometimes I make excuses...

Today I just realized that I get most of my internet WORK done while I'm at school (working).
I do it on breaks, or at lunch. Today during lunch, I updated my Linked In and Instagram pages.
Why don't I think to do these things AT HOME?

After racking my brain, I came to 2 conclusions:

ONE: I HATE my desk chair in my home office. Terrible excuse, right? Well- it's tiny and NOT COMFORTABLE and I can't sit "Indian Style" in it. I seem to always be sitting "Indian Style" in chairs lately- it makes me feel more comfortable.


on The Empowered Way's Facebook page, I posted this picture.

The Morning Ritual

Hello everyone!

I'm sitting here a little after sunrise looking across the rice paddies beside my guesthouse in Ubud, Bali. It is such an amazing experience to be up at this time for "no good reason".

While most of us snooze this time of the day away, nature is busy at work. I've been watching a group of ducks searching for their breakfast in the fields below. I've seen birds, dragonflies, dogs, ants, spiders, and farmers already busy starting their days.

Experimenting With Color (and cookies)

So, as promised in my post from yesterday, I am going to show you the "experiment" I have been working on involving Chlorophyll and pomagranates.

But first, the preface:

Yule. Love. Musgo Stew.

First, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Yule! 

Bad Hair.

It happens to everyone....


Actually, it has basically happened to me every day for my entire life....

My hair was SUPER curly, thick and frizzy through middle and high school. 

No- I wasn't gothic. My friend and I did a Sociology experiment in WalMart... don't ask.


As some of you know, I just recently had a birthday. I am 28!!!!!!! I say this with pride. 
Yes, I am approaching 30... 

Halloween Edition: We All Die Of Something...

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