Her Midnight Run, My Empathy

My best friend’s replacement pulled an infamous “midnight run” last weekend.


Her escape wasn’t discovered until, presumably, she was on a plane bound for her home in Australia. Our only indication of this, a presumably-hastily-written email to her recruiter. A “mea culpa” of sorts. Oops.

If we were to write an obituary for her Korean death, it could read: You were only 23, with so much left to see, so much left to do. Or: what was your name again?

She was here such a short time that perhaps only one photo, taken during my friend’s goodbye dinner, is the only evidence this girl ever set foot in this country. Well, that and her suitcase, which she left in the apartment, as well as some ramyeon wrappers and empty soda bottles.

I Watched Korean Girls Eat on YouTube

I don’t even remember how I was tipped off on this story, but apparently there is this strange craze in South Korea where people tune in to watch girls eat food.  This shouldn’t be a huge surprise seeing that people will tune in to watch anything – even if it’s just BAD.  But to sit and watch someone eat a meal just seems ludicrous, as Mike Tyson would say.

Having said that, I found myself sitting in front of my laptop watching these K-girls eat their food. It’s what boredom and morbid curiosity will do to you while you’re teaching in Korea.  There’s lots of free time.

But there I sat watching.  And after I made it through the entire video, I realized – “I just watched someone eat their dinner”.

Korea in Chiang Mai


You spend enough time in Asia as an Irishman and you give up expecting to find Irish stuff. You know you’ll stumble across something here or there, but at the best of times all you can find is a can of Guinness and a Westlife song. Chiang Mai, despite its large expat population and even larger tourist numbers was no better than Korea, or anywhere else I’ve been. I had hoped for half a day or so, but any hopes I had were soon dashed by the obvious.

What do I actually eat?

My sister has been wondering what I actually eat here in Korea. And I was thinking of this organized way to present my food choices of a certain week – but hey, I’m on vacation and thinking of being organized simply failed. So here are random pics of food I’ve been eating during my vacation. [...]

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