Sunset in Busan

The Busan Museum of Art

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We visited the Busan Museum of Art the day after our bizarre excursion to the Snow Castle indoor ski hall. And here, again, was a cavernous building of steel, completely devoid of people. But whereas the Snow Castle has shuttered its doors forever, the art museum was open for business. Just… there was no business.

Pictures from Oncheon’s Busy Market

Busan Arts – Culture Centre

Busan Korea Arts Centre


Busan, South Korea Cultural Centre


BIFF Location Photo

Haeundae’s Sand Festival

A Day at Sajik Stadum – Lotte Giants Baseball

Baseball Gear

Among the best experiences we’ve had in Busan have been our visits to Sajik Stadium to watch the Giants. Any American baseball fan who’s ever complained about their team’s high ticket prices, expensive food and drink, or paltry attendance, should definitely pencil in a day at the park while in Busan. This is the stadium experience perfected.

Strike 1 For Korea

Before I started on this year teaching ESL in Korea I told myself I would give things three strikes before I seriously considered other options. By three strikes I mean three seriously unacceptable incidents or behaviours. Today was strike one. I was standing at my kitchen counter when my landlord opened the locked door to my apartment with his own key. Didn’t even bother to knock.  I instinctively grabbed a large knife on the kitchen counter, wondering exactly how things were going to develop. I have never actually seen the owner of the place so had no idea who this stranger was illegally trespassing in my residence. He closed the door quickly when he saw me. I put down the knife, gave it a second, then went and opened the door. He was at the next apartment with a huge roll of keys, looking like he planned to trespass there as well.

This incident is strike one. Three strikes = bye-bye Korea.

A Ferry to the Oryukdo Islands

Korean Folklore

We first spotted the Oryukdo Islands toward the end of our hike down the coast of Igidae Park. A string of rocky and uninhabited landmasses, these islands are the most notable feature along Busan’s coastline. In order to get a better look, we took an evening ferry trip which looped around them.


More Haeundae Shots

Haeundae, Busan Fish Market Photo


Haeundae Beach Hotel in Busan

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