5 Hot Must-Have Items For A Winter Trip In Korea


Though the weather has been a bit warmer than last year’s winter, travelers and visitors especially those from countries with warmer climate should not underestimate how cold it can feel in Korea. So, for those who’ve never experienced snow or cold temperatures before, prepare yourself with these 5 hot, popular items that will help you beat the cold!

Photogene 2


While watching Scott Kelby’s video about his Photo Walk in Paris, he mentioned a lot about how his wife, Kalebra Kelby is an “iPhoneographer” and how she constantly inspired him, especially with her use of the “Ansel” filter in Camera+. After watching I cycled through my many camera apps and wondered why I don’t use Camera+ that often. The reason is that for a photo app, it just doesn’t offer me enough editing modes to satisfy me.

Vegan Christmas Gifts

What do you buy a Vegan for Christmas? This question had my family stumped for years. I didn’t want to add to stress of Christmas with my ‘preferences’ but when asked if leather is okay, or if it really matters that a lip balm contains sebum (sheep fat), I had to smile and softly say, “Yeah, it does sorry.” Sorry because it’s inconvenient to seek out cruelty-free gifts, not sorry because I act according to my beliefs.

Nexto Portable Hard Drives

One of the useful tools that I have used over the years has to be the Nexto Portable Hard Drive. I first got one when some fellow photographers ordered a few and I decided to throw-in for one. It was a great decision and I feel that I must share because in the world of portable hard drives, this Korean-made one stands out.

Why it stands out to me is mostly because of the design. The original one featured a card reader on the side, the fast upgraded version featured a CF card slot and a one-touch “dumping” system, as I call it. In just over a few minutes, you can dump an entire 8 gb full of raw files. If you shoot jpg, it is blazingly fast. Why this is useful is that typically, I only have a few cards on me and if I need to back them up and dump them, I have the ability to do so with out plugging into a computer or waiting to get back home.

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