Becoming a Korean Lawyer–the Battle Between the Bar and Law School

By K. Koo

After finishing my undergraduate studies in New England two years ago, I came back home to pursue a career in law. All had been going well, and in November, I was preparing for final exams to finish my second year in law school. But on December 2, most my classmates reported hearing rumors that that the Ministry of Justice had put an embargo on a press conference to be held the next day. Reasons for the embargo had not been given. All we heard was that the conference would be about the phasing-out of the Judicial Exam (aka the Korean Bar).

New human rights commissioner has history of homophobia

South Korea has appointed another chairman with decidedly anti-LGBT beliefs to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

I reported last year on the appointment of Pastor Choi E-woo, who faced calls of resignation due to his past inflammatory remarks in relation to LGBT individuals. Unfortunately, Pastor Choi, who continues in his role as a non-permanent executive board member, is now joined by the equally misinformed Lee Sung-ho. 

Translation: 'Let's protect and support homosexuals'... Daejeon City's Ordinance Ammendment Causes Ripples

Today's translation is from an article over at the Kukmin Ilbo.  The political leanings of the religious paper can be seen clearly, which, along with the contents, can deepen our understanding on how rights for sexual minorities in Korea are both established and attacked. 

On the Road with the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP)– to the Chrysalis Election

Read Part 1

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July 11th (early morning)

Downtown Phnom Penh.

Lost Seoul

Lost Seoul

Police with riot shields fill Gwanghawmun square in preparation for planned protest against the Park administration in the aftermath of the Sewol disaster.

Park Won-soon's Apology

It looks like Occupy City Hall has been successful. Mayor Park Won-soon released this apology on Facebook (TKQ translation).

In the recent process of enacting a Seoul Human Rights Charter and the issues that were raised by Seoul citizens and the 'Seoul Human Rights Charter' Enactment Committee, I bow my head and apologize for the anxiety I have caused.

Lee No Geun: Homosexuality Will Destroy the Bare Minimum Values Needed to Maintain the Human Race

Ready to be infuriated?

Korea's New Anti-Gay Board Member of the Human Rights Commission Faces Calls of Resignation

On the 4th of November, President Park Geun-hye appointed Pastor Choi I-u (최이우) as a non-permanent executive board member of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. The committee has three permanent and seven non-permanent board members, the majority of whom studied law and have quite impressive records. The commission is "committed to the fulfillment of human rights in a broader sense, including dignity, value and freedom of every human being, as signified in international human rights conventions and treaties to which Korea is a signatory." Christians generally maintain that human rights are universal, so it shouldn't be a problem that a Christian pastor was appointed to the board, right?

Translation: 언론사 광고 ‘허위사실’도 명예훼손 처벌될까: Will the press be punished for 'falsehood' and libel?

Media Today's article looking at Lee Gye-deok's fight for justice after being defamed in an anti-gay advertisement posted throughout Seoul's public transportation system is a great read.

On the Road with the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP)—to the Chrysalis Election

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Central Market, Phnom Penh.

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