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Dr Lee’s Sindong Makgeolli (이박사의 신동막걸리) Photo Gallery

Mamas & Papas had a great time at this location, and we were even lucky enough to be filmed for a documentary about makgeolli on KBS TV. The food was […]

Meeting 11 – In The Alley (길목에서) Photo Gallery


For this meeting, we were personally recommended this not so well known location and we were pleasantly surprised. The makgeolli was super fresh and the food exceeded our expectations. In The Alley is a fantastic location for a rainy day makgeolli indulgence :)

Meeting 10 – Makgeolli Salong (막걸리 싸롱) Photo Gallery

If you’re looking for somewhere lively and relaxed in Hongdae for makgeolli, this place would fit the bill. Mamas & Papas felt particularly laid back here and we tried just [...]

Meeting 9 – Tricycle (세발 자전거) Photo Gallery

We had a great experience at Tricycle, the highlight being the high quality food and top selection of makgeolli. The atmosphere was very stylish, but we were still able to [...]

Meeting 8 – Hawaiian Makgeolli (하와이언 막걸리) Photo Gallery

We were a little skeptical about Hawaiian Makgeolli with their promises of ‘pizza’, but we were very pleasantly surprised! Mamas & Papas had a fantastic time here, we ate well, tasted well, and overall it was a comfortable and relaxing night.

Meeting 8 – Jeonju Makgeolli (전주 막걸리) Photo Gallery

If you have ever been to Jeonju, you will know that it is the Mecca for Makgeolli. The style of Jeonju makgeolli is to be presented with a vast array of side dish after side dish, and we managed to find a place in Seoul that gives a little taste of that. Jeonju Makgeolli also imports the owner’s personal favorite kind of makgeolli that he maintains will not give you a hangover. We weren’t entirely convinced ;)
Check out our review here.

Meeting 6 – Story of the Blue Star (푸른별 주막) Photo Gallery

Story of the Blue Star was a place we had been wanting to try for months, and when we did…we weren’t disappointed. If you’re looking for a place which combines a traditional makgeolli atmosphere with premium quality makgeolli and food, this is it :)

These pictures courtesy of Mimsie Ladner at Seoul Searching.

Meeting 6 – MowMow (마우마우) Photo Gallery

MowMow came highly recommended as the new place to be for makgeolli in Itaewon. It boasted some top shelf, fresh makgeolli but our Mamas & Papas weren’t overly impressed by the food variety. Nonetheless, it is a great space for an after-work kettle!

Meeting 5 – Moon Jar (달빛 술담) Photo Gallery

Our Mamas & Papas headed to Moon Jar with a purpose…to try out their cocktails! It’s one of the most famous and popular places for upscale makgeolli in Seoul, so it’s safe to say we were expectant. The cocktails we tried were a little on the sweet side for most, but the quality was unmistakable.

Meeting 4 – Nakseo (낙서) Photo Gallery

Our Mamas & Papas just had to test it out for ourselves….and the results are in.  Nakseo Pajeon is one of the best houses for pajeon we have ever tried!  Check out our review to find out more details about this absolute gem ;)

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