Performance: R-16 B-boy show (Olympic Park, Seoul)

Author’s note: it was very hard narrowing this down to 20 photos for this post – for even more, check out this Facebook photo album.

Watch out for spinning feet, headstands, and battles – the B-boys have come to town. Combined with a street market and several walls worth of graffiti contests, this was an all-day venture for some. Now in it’s fifth year – and it’s largest venue.

Performance: Little Shop of Horrors (Camarata Music Company)

The ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ has aged nicely, considering it was copyrighted the same year I was born. The story is straightforward enough: geeky Seymour, an orphan taken in by Mr. Mushnik (left), and his ‘not-so-secret’ crush Audrey, both work at Mr. Mushnik ‘skid row’ flower shop. I was too busy taking photos to note how accurate the Korean subtitles were, but the Korean audience seemed to laugh in all the right places. His face isn’t visible in this picture, but the wino (center, on ground) is the only Korean actor in the production.

Performance: Rockorea 2011 (Midan city, Incheon)

Being the first incarnation of Rockorea, it’s fair to say my expectations were set a bit lower than for something like, say, the Jisan Valley show. For a first go, 18 hours of rock music is a big mouthful to chew on, and for the most part was successful. There are suggestions of course, but those’ll come later.

Energy and Volume – Slaughterhouse Jive

Call them a new band. Call them a bunch of dudes. Call their band name a play on Vonnegut’s satirical novel. But DO NOT call Slaughterhouse Jive unenergetic or quiet. The first song (Grinderman’s No Pussy Blues) rocketed off Tim’s lead guitar like the strings themselves were Angry Birds getting flung at those damn green pigs. The next song – The Hives’ Tick Tick Boom – was even more energetic, but now the attention turns to lead singer Doug. Wearing a leather jacket, a plaid button-down, a low hanging belt, and faded jeans with a fist-sized hole, it’s safe to say he looks the part. At their first performance at Rocky Mountain Tavern, Doug says he wore “these ridiculous tight plaid pants”. Hey, if you’re going to be a rock star, you’ve gotta dress like one.


A weird, fun, weekend – or – Destination: Daegu Colorful Welcome Festival

With Namiseom and the French Village behind us, Kiwiwiwi and I made our way to Daegu, where I was to participate in a singing contest,  specifically at the 국채보상공원 – the National Debt Repayment Park. While the whole singing thing was a great excuse to come down to Daegu, I won’t pass up a chance to relax and enjoy a park.

RAK 2011 Bellydancing Festival

Raising funds for a couple of Korean charitable organizations, Raising Awareness in Korea – AKA the World Belly Dance Day Fundraiser – was a success on both fronts. Head on down for plenty of pictures.

If you were a performer, please check out for more pictures – check your e-mail for the access code. If you didn’t receive a message, please e-mail me at chrisinsouthkorea AT

Performance: Slaughterhouse Jive, Frills and Thrills Burlesque, and Mirrorhouse

Lots of pictures here – give them time to load.

Kenny on guitar amidst all the smoke and fog.

A hell of a show from a couple of Hongdae veteran bands and a new one worth checking out. Starting off the night at DGBD was Slaughterhouse Jive – a relatively new band covering some classic punk and hard-rock bands.

Suicide(s) in Vegas, a play by Evan Placey, World Premiere

Repeats every day until Sun May 01 2011 .
Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 21:00
MW Productions in association with Probationary Theatre Company presents

'Suicide(s) in Vegas'

A World Premiere one-act comedy by award-winning Canadian playwright Evan Placey

A random internet search connects two women who want to end it all, but not alone. Lydia’s an over-commercialized self-help guru. Jane’s a lonely tollbooth collector. But surviving (and dying) are tricky in this dark comedy about the fantastic awfulness that is – Vegas. By Evan Placey, winner of the Tarragon Theatre RBC National Playwriting Competition.

Listings Information:
Venue: White Box Theatre, Hyochang Park stn exit 2
Dates: April 28 – May 1
Times: Thursday @ 9:00pm
Friday @ 9:00pm
Saturday @ 6:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday @ 4:00pm

Destination: Lotus Lantern Festival (2010) - part 1

As in years past, the 연등회 (Yeon Deung Hoe, or Lotus Lantern Festival) is an excellent, if overly touristy, chance to learn more about one of the world's oldest religions. A folk festival that has origins in the Goryeo period continued as the Lantern Celebration in the Joseon Dynasty (광등노리), and continues as a social festival to this day. The religion and reverence, however, seems to get lost amidst the hubbub of making paper lotus flowers, candles, and a hundred other things.

The event started in the afternoon, with dozens of tents offering arts, crafts, and information.

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