Keeping to a Vegan Diet while Traveling

19415_10151407039210586_229707507_nIt is easy to stick to a routine when everything stays the same. However, it is difficult to know exactly what’s in your food when your eating at new restaurants, trying new dishes or translating your preferences between languages. As a traveling vegan myself, I know it is not always easy to find vegan meals. But it is possible to stick to a vegan diet and eat healthy while on vacation without much hassle. Here are a few tips;

If I Build It, Will They Come?

Hello, KoreaBridge!

     I'm doing a bit of market research to see if there's enough interest to start a vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, sports nutrition, diet, energy, health, and beauty products business in Busan that could also ship to anywhere in South Korea.  


     I see lots of healthy, active people when I'm out and about.  If you're anything like me, you want to improve your daily nutrition, maximize your energy, and be reasonably healthy.  Perhaps you're also like me and you've had a really difficult time finding worthwhile products here in Korea.  It seems there are two options:

     1) you buy things from the U.S. or your respective country of choice and wait a long time and pay duty fees, or

     2) you ask a Korean friend to help you order products on webpages that are all in Korean.  

Vegetarianism for Cancer Patients

Vegetarianism for Cancer Patients

Guest Post by  Jillian McKee

People may follow a vegetarian diet for a variety of reasons, including being concerned about animal welfare, the environment, desiring better health or simply disliking meat. Whatever the reason, beginning a vegetarian diet can be a smart health move, especially for patients with cancer.

Jamie Oliver’s School Food Revolution 2012

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution 2012

Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day May 19th, I decided to track the meals of my South Korea Middle Students, who receive subsided school lunches (dinners for you English). It is unheard of to bring your own lunch to school in South Korea. It has been tradition for the school to provide lunches for the pupils and staff for decades. The monthly cost to students is roughly 40,000 won (US$ 34) for a hot meal every school day.

I took of picture of the school lunch as well as my own vegan lunch, as I find Korean food is not vegan friendly. Guess which lunch is which.

Planting Herbs in Spring

Planting Herbs in Spring

According to the back of my seed packet, May and June are the best time of year to plant seeds for Summer herbs. Here’s how I’m growing them in a little apartment.

The problem is, that I live in an apartment with limited roof access. So, indoor herb garden it is. I do have a beautiful floor to ceiling window in the study, but the ‘study’ belongs to the cats, and experience has taught me that anything living or edible in my apartment, will come face to face with two sets of claws and fangs, and probably peril.

Simple as Quinoa Salad

Simple as Quinoa Salad

How versatile and unique this little grain is, although technically it’s not a grain at all, but rather a chenopod, closely related to beets and spinach. That’s probably why it’s so nutritious. Quinoa pronounced ”Qin-wah” comes from the Andean region of Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru and if you’re looking for in South Korea, I suggest you try i-herb.

Things I Like Thursday – Infographics

These cool graphic representations of data are a sneaky way to absorb information in a visually appealing fashion. Fun to follow, they take your eyes on a journey of color and data. And the information is sharp, snappy and super simplistic. I can imagine that I’m a sophisticated barcode reader that reads Dostoyevsky in a millisecond, or a cyborg from the future who accumulates information via a neck implant and drinks coffee.

In short, they’re fun. These are my favourite:

Things I Like Thursday – The Benefits of Coffee

Things I Like Thursday – The Benefits of Coffee

It probably comes as no surprise that coffee would make my list of ‘tops’. But are you even aware of how versatile this little bean is?

Let’s begin with the essentials

Juice Fast Day 5

Juice Fast Day 5 – The Finale

I’d be lying if I said wasn’t looking forward to a hot curry or a lasagna. I’ve really enjoying this fast but I’ll be happy when it’s over.

Juice Fast Day 4

Juice Fast Day 4

Kitchen machines are attractive. Their shiny exterior, compact nature and creative niches. By inserting a few ingredients and flicking a button, the machine comes to life with a whirl and gargle creating magic in moments. No wonder I became so excited by my new juicer.

My juicer is a centrifugal juice extractor

The motor can run anywhere between 3000RPM to 7000RPM, making centrifugal juicers the fastest of all the juicers in juice kingdom. It’s like having a drill in the kitchen. I love mine because not a single part of the jug comes into contact with the engine, or is able to dribble into it. It’s a superb design. Even the little cleaning brush fits perfectly into the spout. Bonus: It’s also easy to clean.

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