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Yesterday just before a bunch of us Koreans—I felt included in the group—were going to start hiking up a gorgeous mountain, I ran into a bathroom to take a piss. Urinals always make me nervous even though I use them several times a day, and when I do I always take the urinal that’s up against the wall, distant from the sink, and then twist myself around and lean forward so as to conceal my nethers from prying eyes, even though I think I’ve only ever encountered one random person, in all my long years, who appeared to be curious about the shape, form, and general appearance of my Sejong Daewang.

The waiting game with North Korea

The cool air blasting on to us from the ceiling air duct was a welcome relief from the exterior suffocating heat of Seoul’s concrete centre. The banker positioned opposite us was somewhat flustered by his lack of useful banking English and had been bumbling his way through the transaction. The glitter from his exotic tie occasionally sparkling in the light as his fingers furiously danced on the computer keyboard. The waltz of the digits came to a sudden end and a piece of paper was shoved under our noses, ‘OK’ said the anxious man before taking a bow and indicating that this interaction was terminated. ‘OK? When will the money arrive?’ we asked. ’48 hours’ came the abrupt reply.

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a. Kodak TMAX P3200 B&W film.

b. The Cinema – Food Markets – Walking without agenda – without destination, anywhere – In conversation with others.

North Korea Agrees To Stop Being North Korea


Corrupt Seoul Mayor Corrupt

Please stop investigating me! I've only been on the job for four months!

Does This Seem Like Two Countries on the Brink? Nope.

S. Korea Suggests Red Cross to Negotiate Family Reunions
Today, the mK Daily reported that South Korea has requested that the Red Cross negotiate family reunions with North Korea. So while the rumor-mongers would like to try to convince whoever will listen that the Korean peninsula is precariously close to the brink of war, this blog has strongly disagreed, on multiple occasions. While military accidents may, and do, occur, it will take something other than state-sanctioned attacks that would lead to a sustained conflict of any wort. That has been, is, and will continue to be the central hypothesis of this blog. There are too many with too much to lose, especially in South Korea, for this to occur.

The Ryugyong Hotel: North Korea’s Deathstar

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Let’s try to imagine the cityscape of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. The buildings are grim and utilitarian, a sprawl of identical decaying apartments and mostly idle factories. Everything here was built since the war, when American bombs obliterated the city that had existed before.

A Prominent South Korean Writer Expresses Her Sadness For The Death of Kim Jong Il

So Kim Jong Il was a weird guy—and how nice is it to refer to him in the past tense?—but hidden among his more famous quirks is the fact that there are prominent South Koreans who support him and have expressed genuine sadness at his death. One of them is a famous writer named Gong Ji Young, who in response to a photograph of South Korean protestors celebrating the death of the Heinously Dear Leader tweeted the following—”Shame on you!” (“정말 부끄럽구요 쫌!”). Various politicians aligned with the Democratic Party have also apparently expressed their condolences.

(news is over, opinion follows; the preceding paragraph would have been impossible to write without A.’s help)

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il Dies at 69

The Cold War In Miniature

At least one of us is prepared.

I was in quite a good mood early this afternoon as I went on a sprightly walk down the sunny street to get some lunch, stepping around SUVs jammed right up against the glass entrances of flower shops, cafes, and convenience stores. One karaoke place displays a giant, grainy image of young naked Nordic children playing in a band, with their little uncircumcised penises clearly visible. I remember a young woman tucking herself out of sight behind a rectangular pillar of cement. The world was finally looking up.

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