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Panmunjom Travel Center Review


If you spend any time as a tourist in Seoul you will no doubt end up on a tour of the DMZ. There are many tours going either to Dorasan Station and the 3rd infiltration tunnel or the JSA. Prices differ and so do the experiences. Panmunjom Travel Center offer a different kind of tour experience and one that is sure to leave you with a better understanding of what the situation is like along the DMZ The main quality that set this tour apart from the many other tours out there is the fact that for part of the tour, you get to travel and interact with a North Korean defector.

Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea, Hopes to “Run Into” PSY

Dennis Rodman Arrives in North Korea. Should the U.S. send in the drones now?

Dennis Rodman Arrives in North Korea. Is this a good time for the U.S. to send in the drones?

For what it’s worth, Dennis Rodman, also known as “The Worm” is visiting North Korea. Yeah. Dictator 3.0, Kim Jong-un, is apparently big on the NBA, and Rodman is probably the only guy nutty enough to pay his Royal Kimness a visit.

Starvation – A Small Price to Pay for North Korea’s Nuclear Program

In response to recent sanctions placed on North Korea by the UN Security Council, the Korean Central News Agency had this to say-

“The provokers will meet only merciless retaliatory blows.”

If North Korea’s bite were to match its bark, there would be considerable basis for concern.  Thankfully, it does not.

NK snubs Polish businessman, refuses to pay back loan on embassy renovations


It’s been seven years and Polish businessman Andrzej Kompa is still waiting for repayment on a $2 million loan made to the North Korean embassy in Poland for renovations to their Warsaw digs back in 2005.

Apparently, the loan was to be repaid by revenue taken in from fees the North Korean delegation would earn by renting out part of the building. (I suppose it might be a novelty spot for anniversary’s, business meetings, breakdance competitions, etc.)

Queer Links from the Week

Koreansexgods is a Tumblr a friend introduced me to recently. Lots of cute boys in black and white.
Allkpop: Eye Candy: Blonde K-Pop boys
Allkpop: Noh Hong Chul talks about rumors that he wears women’s underwear

North Korea Launches Another MotherF***ing Missile

The news came on the tele in the lunch room, and after images of slow-motion rockets ascending into the blue sky switched to a conference with the South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak, surrounded by his usual coterie of faceless besuited middle-aged technobureaucrats, their private discussion was mistakenly broadcast:

LMB: So, uh…
TB1: I know.
LMB: What do you guys think we should do?
TB1: I don’t know, what do you think we should do?
TB2: I don’t know, what do you think we should do?
LMB: Look busy and concerned.
TB1 & TB2: Okay!

10 Reasons North Korea Should Wait to Launch its Rocket.

Dear North Korea,

Here are 10 reasons you should postpone your rocket launch.

10.  It’s too cold outside to watch a rocket launch- It’s cold in Seoul this winter.  I wouldn’t even go outside to meet a naked girl with chicken wings.  It must be freezing for the under-clothed, starving, rural North Koreans.  Not feeding them is sad enough, but providing them with an explosion they won’t enjoy or watch (too cold outside) is unusually cruel.  You should wait until it gets warmer to launch the rocket.

9. South Korea blocked all the good porn sites- Actually, this is a good reason for you to launch a faulty rocket.  If we can’t look at porn in South Korea, explosions from crappy rockets are the next best thing.

November: A month of literary abandon

Although I know I've quietened down on here, November has been a super busy month for me. Between all the usual obligations such as work, and all the social events, like our trip upto Seoul, I decided to give myself an additional challenge.

Call Them Concentration Camps

I’m partaking in an example of supreme 21st century decadence and reading an ebook on my cellphone while walking around on a mossy grassy lawn barefoot. The book is Escape From Camp 14, only the third book I’ve read about North Korea but, like the rest (The Cleanest Race and The Aquariums Of Pyongyang), nearly impossible to put down, except when there is blogging to be done.

This is a brand new book, completely up-to-date, and all about a man who was born into a North Korean concentration camp—usually but not always referred to as gulag or prison in English, the North Koreans call them Kwaliso, or what I think translates to Management Stations—and who somehow managed to escape.

A State Of Mind

In watching this incredible documentary about the North Korean Mass Games, the question on everyone’s minds cannot be anything but: do these people really believe what they say? When this young dancer comes in front of the camera and repeatedly extolls Kim Jong-il, spouting ream after ream of the stultifying propaganda she’s been filled with since her first seconds on Earth, I think everyone outside of North Korea is wondering the same thing: is she terrified that her family will be sent to a concentration camp if she mis-speaks, or does she truly believe in the goodness of the dictator who has enslaved her and everyone she knows?

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