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The Week We View for Apr. 12th

>In the Rude or Stupid department: The South Korean city of Iksan, which is known as Korea’s first “woman-friendly city,” the government installed 25 parking spaces reserved for women only. They’re outlined in pink, with a large pink flower symbol, and are 20 centimeters wider than the standard parking space. According to the Iksan government, the spaces were made larger in order to accommodate “

The Mild Mild West

Well, Kim Jong-il launched his missile. People are starving in North Korea. The west, as well as Japan and the South Koreans did nothing. People are starving in North Korea. We continue to Lord Chamberlin this guy and appease him to no end. People are starving in North Korea. Why we didn't stand up to him and shoot the missile down is beyond reason. People are starving in North Korea. How much

The Week We View - Apr. 5th

>South Korea banned all sales of U.S. pistachios produced by Setton Farms due to a possible salmonella contamination. Look out, here come the Pissed Off Pistachio protests. Though I worry Korean TV news magazine, PD Notebook, might again cause panic with a salmonella "documentary." They might alter the translation as they did about Mad Cow. I can see it now --candlelight vigils in downtown

Are North Korean held journalists worthy of sympathy?

While I wish them well in their ordeal, I have yet to decide whether we should have any sympathy for the two American journalists being detained in North Korea. My suspicion is they knew exactly what they were doing, they expected to be arrested and were considering book deals long before booking their flights.The pair, who work for Current TV, a San Francisco-based media venture founded by

What happens if Japan shoots down North Korea's missile?

With the Japanese government officially confirming they will shoot down any threatening North Korean missile like it was a South Korean hanging curve ball, the world watches and waits.Myself, I have a macabre vision of Kim Jong-il standing at the launch pad with a can of spray paint, christening his latest phallic symbol, "Archduke Francis Ferdinand."A possible scenario:Japan shoots down "The

Why part of me hopes North Korea invades South Korea

Forgive me, but someone really must put a stop to K-Pop. It is the lowest form of artistic expression and a giant step backward in human evolution since our days of scribbling on cave walls.Though admittedly, they have nice hair.Actually, calling it "artistic" is a misnomer. It is a manufactured product --little more creative than producing a can of Coca-Cola. There are no gritty moments in a

North Korea's need to be more of a floozy

North Korea has cut the military hot line to the South. The love line as it were --eliminating all formal ties between the two secretly smitten nations. I suppose dating is out of the question now. And so much for those late night text messages before bed.Oh well, I guess the world has had enough of this anyway: *^^* ♡ *^^*For North Korea, a country so desperately in need of a suitor since

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