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Let's Talk Busan 93 - North Korean Attack & BIWA Christmas Bazaar

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Let's Talk Busan#93
November 29, 2010



Host: Jeff Lebow

Panel Discussion
    Brian Myers, professor of International Studies at Dongseo University
    James Strohmaier, professor at  the Division of International and Area studies at Bukyoung University

BIWA Guests - Diane Stillmunkes & Soon Soog Hyun

   Christmas Bazaar
   December 4, 10am~4pm, Grand Hotel
   Baked Goods, Crafts, Santa Claus, & more
   All proceed go toward supporting those in need in the local area


Let's Talk Busan airs every Monday at 7pm on 90.5 Busan eFM


I was in class last Tuesday when I got the news. I was teaching my usual interminable two hour slog to the same three listless college boys, retreading a lesson from a book that I have squeezed dry for the last five years, when my phone buzzed. I quickly glanced at the screen and saw that it was from my girlfriend:

"Ah... North Korea..."

Minhee, my girl, usually eschews politics in her frequent text messages. These missives most often deal instead with when or where we shall meet, what we'll have for dinner, or more simple and heartfelt expressions, such as "I miss you" and "kiss." The shuttered state to the North has never entered into our texting dialogues, and at once I knew that something was up.

"What do you mean?" I tapped back.

"Check the internet. I'm on the subway and some guy turned up the news loudly..."

nuclear lens flare, photos from the brink

North Korean Attack - View from the ground

See video
Footage from Korean TV showing civilians running from North Korean artillery fire
Latest News at:

N. Korea Gangsterdom



Photo taken from Yonhap News Agency

It’s always a treat when I’m able to get breaking news from Facebook.

Looks like North Korea has gone gangster again as local news organizations are reporting that Kim Jong Il and his cronies have fired  rounds of artillery onto the S. Korean Island of Yeonpueong near the highly disputed border.

According to S. Korea’s YTN television, at least two people have been injured, with one S. Korean soldier having been killed.

North Korea shells YeonPyeong Ilsand

The Marmot wasn’t nervous,

How’s this: North Korea shows off an advanced uranium enrichment program, special envoy Stephen Bosworth calls it the worst North Korean provocation in 20 years, South Korean defense minister Kim Tae-young is talking about the reintroduction of US tactical nukes to South Korea… and I still can’t bring myself to care.

But now he is:

Local news is reporting that North Korea has fired some 50 shells at the West Sea island of Yeonpyeong-do, with South Korea firing 30 rounds in return.

My Korean Newspaper

It’s what I’ve always wanted – more North Korean propaganda. From Martyn Williams site:

North Korea’s Naenara website is back. The site went offline around early September when the dot-kp domain name space went down.

Naenara is run by Pyongyang’s Korea Computer Center and offers news, photos, shopping, tourism information and MP3 files from North Korea.

It’s running inside North Korea’s recently-activated domestic IP address space, but isn’t working perfectly. Some of the links point to dot-kp addresses, which are still not working. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

You can find it at

Serious Fun at the Brilliant Comrade’s Expense (Video)

Not everyone in North Korea likes Kim Jong-un. As a matter of fact, derision seems to permeate all levels of society, from official party publications (via OFK)…

According to the source, after seeing Kim Jeong-eun’s picture posted on Rodong Sinmun, a bulletin from the Workers’ Party displayed instances of open criticism. “Who is Kim Jeong-eun, the new general? And what great contribution has he made for the nation and people?” “This outrageous event is something that can only happen in a despotic nation like Chosun,”

…to satirical ditties.

Let's Talk Busan - Brian Myers on NK News & K May on Wordz in Busan

51:34 minutes (35.41 MB)
Let's Talk Busan#86

October 17, 2010


    Brian Myers, professor of International Studies at Dongseo University

Red Links, 9-25-10

The EconomistIt’s the “China Lurking” edition. Whether it’s in Juba, Tokyo, or Pyongyang, or in the wallet and in the White House, Chinese actions in its backyard and farther abroad are stirring trouble. And, for Indians, comparisons with China are in the foreground because of the hash New Delhi is making of the Commonwealth Games. I’ve never thought highly of white elephant sporting events as economic engines, so I hope the Indians can end the fad altogether.

As for the Sino-Japanese row over goat-infested islands, I see no reason to change my opinion here.

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