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Seoul: Testimony by Lights

Shane and I saw this poster while on our trip to Seoul:

영어 Hint of the Day #29: "Salvation" doesn't mean "Survival"

Salvation is Delivered By a God, Not a Nation

In today's Korea JoongAng Daily, this was the final sentence in this editorial regarding the upcoming North Korean-South Korean negotiation:

(x) It must be remembered that South Korea holds the key to its (North Korea's) salvation.

The point being made here is that North Korea's economy is in tatters, and as a result, desperately needs economic assistance.  However, salvation is not really the correct word here.  A more appropriate word would be survival. 

Salvation is defined as being the deliverance from the power and effects of sin. 

Flogging Hope in North Korea

The top American envoy to North continues to sound hopeful about a new round of North Korea diplomacy

In the wake of the shelling of Yeonpyeong island, the US and South Korea held large-scale military exercises in the area.

China has called for a resumption of six-party nuclear disarmament talks but the US, Japan and South Korea have so far been reluctant to agree without a sign from Pyongyang that it is sincere.

In recent days, however, statements from both the Koreas have appeared more conciliatory, suggesting talks could be a possibility.

Korea Should Tax Soju to Fund the NPF

The Seoul Gyopo Guide Thanks Everyone for Their Support
First, a huge "thank you" to the readers around the world.  In three short months, many thousands of visitors from every continent, and over 60 countries around the world have visited the Seoul Gyopo Guide.  The Lost Seoul has tried to share its perspective from both a foreigner's and a Korean's point of view.  These points of view have been established by many years of education and practical experience.  The bottom line is that people around the world don't know much about South Korea, and are totally unaware that a city like Seoul has grown into the world's 5th largest metropolis.  While the views of The Lost Seoul are hardly unbiased, they are views which are being offered as fairly as possible.

Korea Needs to Avoid the Japanese and U.S. Example

Again With the China Meme

Lee Byung-Chul argues that Beijing has a lot more to do with North Korea’s “peaceful” overtures to South Korea than previously thought.

One of the lessons of this episode is that despite professions of inability to control its client state, China appears now to have demonstrated unrivaled leverage on the North in terms of economic, political and military intervention. In addition to supplying substantial amounts of aid including 90 percent of the North’s oil at sharply lower “friendly prices,” China has co-opted and trained a pro-Chinese cadre of North Korean functionaries and elites in the hopes that they would become collaborators under the coming regime of Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il’s son and presumptive heir. So Beijing is no longer hiding its solid hold over the North.

Worrying Trends Point to Destabilization in NK

[Caption]As discreet developments, the easing of travel restrictions and troop desertions are remarkable, even a moment to cheer; together they start to worry.

Firstly, Andrei Lankpv narrates the slow erosion of North Korea’s restrictive travel visa system.

Ban Ki-moon Reveals His Sinister Plot

Colum Lynch fears the nauseating truth about U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: he’s old-school Korean, which means once he has a political job, he’ll never give it up without a bullet or a nudge from a superior.

The revelation was buried in an official U.N. readout of a New Year’s day exchange Ban had with South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak.

KCNA Launches Video Comedy Channel

The unit was the first to invade Seoul during the Korean War.Pyongyang, in the 2011 joint editorial of its three leading newspapers, Rodong Sinmun, Joson Inmingun and Chongnyon Jonwi, somehow pulled off the rhetorical skill to be both belligerent and, at least for North Korea, reassuring – if warning of “nuclear holocaust” sounds peaceful.

Why War CAN Be the Answer - a response to the Hankyoreh and Lee Jong Seok

UPDATE: Another blogger from Canada has weighed in on how war can save lives, using game theory and the Prisoner's Dilemma to bolster their argument. Well worth a read, whichever side of the argument you agree with.

Author's note: I get the feeling I'm going to get a lot of comments on this one. I'm not out to be controversial just to be controversial, and I'll freely admit to being out of my field of expertise. I also dislike bringing up the topic with the holidays approaching. With that said, I have an opinion and this is my platform - so here goes nothing.

What Did You Expect? Wikileaks strikes South Korea.

What Did You Expect?  Wikileaks strikes South Korea.
Over the past few days, WikiLeaks has revealed embarrassing facts about South Korean diplomats, and South Korean diplomacy.  Among the embarrassing facts, name-calling of Chinese diplomats is probably the worst, especially given the fact that China is a necessary participant in calming the current North-South Korean situation.  Although the Seoul Gyopo Guide believes that the Korea Herald article overstates the idea of panic among South Korean governmental officials, it is true that Korean diplomacy will need to adapt to the idea that it will be scrutinized to a far higher degree in the future.

New Position, New Responsibilities

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