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Marmot’s Hole Podcast: Korean Defamation Laws Silence Critics

Robert Koehler & Chance Dorland discuss a New York Times article that makes the case that the Park Geun-hye administration is using the country’s defamation laws to silence critics.

The duo then finishes with a quick discussion of how bad Donald Trump would be for freedom of speech in the US.

Food for Thought

This New York Times article, Toward Better Teachers, is a brief, well-balanced, thoughtful piece on some of the complexities and challenges of teaching. I most strongly agree with Bruni’s final point that, although teachers deserve greater support, compensation, and respect for their work, they also owe the people from whom they’re demanding those things a “discussion about education that fully acknowledges the existence of too many underperformers in their ranks.”

What do you think?

Re: 36 Hours in Seoul

I love the New York Times' "36 Hours in [city]" series - it's informative, interesting, and gives someone unfamiliar with the area a general idea about what to see or do. With their recent article about Seoul, I found myself agreeing with a couple parts - and disagreeing with others. My only criticism is that their itineraries are... well, trendy is one good word to use, but high-brow also comes to mind. Maybe you have plenty of money just laying around when you travel, but I don't. That's why I take public transportation, pass on expensive hotels or food, and enjoy what the locals do. It's also a little nitpicky, but Friday at 4pm to starting something on Sunday at 12:30pm is a bit more than 36 hours.

Brilliant guesswork, 2S2, and a few other odds and ends

From Lost in Jeju: Take the Foreign Worker Test!
Fill in the blanks with the correct response:

1. Most foreign workers accept that they have a daunting task to obtain a
visa and maintain their legal status in ______.

2. "These recent hurdles have to do with historic, traditional ______
xenophobia. Suspicion of people, from abroad, coming to ______ doing something
in _____.

3. "You know, there was a time in the early '90s when a foreign worker was
actually sought out; particularly in business, in consulting and finance. Then
as the ______ economy got more on its feet and _____ resurged in all kinds of
ways the pendulum swung the other way,"

Playing the victim is becoming played out

Playing the victim is becoming played out

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