Japanese Right Wing Group Suspected of Vandalizing Anne Frank Books

Anne Frank Vandalized Japan

By Larry Lawrence

This just in from the What in the Holy Hell Were You Effin’ Thinking Department. Fingers are pointing at elements of Japan’s right wing for responsibility in vandalizing The Diary of a Young Girl and other books related to Anne Frank.

Yes, you read that right and yes, this is Sweet Pickles & Corn, not The Onion.

Fighting Words: Ryo Chonan Defends a Gi and Offends a Nation

Arm bars and leg locks may break our bones, but words can really piss us off....

Japanese Mixed Martial Artist, Ryo Chonan, may be on his way to becoming Korea's enemy #1 - and this is something that North and South Korea can probably agree on.  The story....


I maintain my sanity in the playplace, which is mobbed with children and parents—at least a hundred swarming an area the size of a large living room, my son among them—by attempting to convince various Korean children that I am Korean. I once read that this was possible online, and so now whenever a Korean child asks me if I’m a Korean, or where I’m from (“Which country person are you?”), I respond by telling them that I’m a Korean. Few of them ever seem to believe me—they usually laugh, freak out, and run away—but about a year ago one notable child attempted to quiz me on my knowledge of the Korean language (if one speaks Korean well, one is almost certainly a Korean) by asking what me what a mouse was. “Cheega moya?” “What is the mouse?” He asked, and at the time I didn’t know, so I looked to my wife, who was standing nearby, and she shouted, in English: “Animal! Animal! Say it’s an animal!” But I’d forgotten the Korean word for animal (dongmool), and I failed the test.

Genetic Explanation For Racism; Historical Explanation For Nationalism

“Conceivably, racial prejudice could be interpreted as an irrational generalization of a kin-selected tendency to identify with individuals physically resembling oneself, and to be nasty to individuals different in appearance.”

—Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene

The Seven Wonders of Hype

Seven countries are fervently celebrating their inclusion on the new list of “Seven Natural Wonders” of the world. But is this anything more than hype? And is the organization that put it all together out for anything more than making a buck?

Private Education and the Korean Independance Movement

Zoomorphic Maps of Korea


Korean Nationalism: Korean is the mother of all languages

After considering some of the nationalist theories of world settlements in the previous post, today we'll see another strange theory put forward by nationalists: that Korean is the origin of all modern languages, including English.

Korean Nationalism: When the world was Korean

I've always been fascinated by the creativity and poetry of nationalist movements. Some nationalist movements managed to rewrite or just completely invent mythologies, traditions and tales that are now fully part of their nation's culture. Korean nationalists of the 19th century did an incredible job of interpreting and arranging the country's history and its creation myths, something I hope to be able to write on in the near future.
Korea's nationalism is still strong today, and some extreme nationalists have pretty far-fetched theories about the origins and forgotten history of the Korean people. The theories exposed below are in no way representative of the general opinion of Koreans on their history. They are the work of a minority of what could be taken for Internet trolls, if only they didn't seem so serious about their claims.

My Declaration of Independence

It’s Independence Day in the United States, and Will Wilkinson is attacking patriotism. I’ve not read the book he mentions here, but just a quick reading of what patriotism meant for 18th Century liberals points out a glaring problem. What Wilkinson claims as Kateb’s criticism of “patriotism”, that it’s particularistic and emotional, is the opposite of what Enlightenment thinkers valued as patriotic. It would seem, that an 18th Century liberal would agree with the cause of Kateb’s criticism, and offer patriotism as the solution.

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