If you’re in Osaka, I encourage you to go to Nara for a...

If you’re in Osaka, I encourage you to go to Nara for a day-trip. After exiting Nara Station, you’ll find plenty of deer roaming the streets.

Japan: Nara and Kyoto

It only took about 40 minutes on the train to get to Nara from Osaka. We went on the JR line, which is still set out like a subway carriage so it was strange being sat directly opposite a stranger all the way there, especially when Nick was busily slurping his noodles that he'd bought for breakfast.

We got to Nara station and there was a really friendly old man at the information desk who gave us a map and advised us on a route that we should take to explore Nara and everything it had to offer.

When we stepped out side the sun was shining and it was a perfect day to go and discover all the hidden temples and shrines that were tucked away in Nara's small streets and parks. The main attraction for me were the wild deer that roamed around the park.

December Memories: Day 29

The wild deer in Nara that are free
to roam around the temple grounds

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