How do you spell muslim?

Murdoch is a dick, but you probably knew that already. Check out this tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 18.32.45

Image skanked from here

Each individual muslim, each and every single one of three billion on this planet is personally responsible for the horrendous acts carried out by the few? Surely, anyone with a primary school level of education can see the utter piffle in this logic.

Korean Ship with Munition on the Way to Islam-Syria

Some time ago i have read in a book or journal article of a western author - thus the text was not censored - that Kim Jong-un (North Korea) has a tendency to the Islam and also has prayed temporarily like a Muslim. As it has been in the news some days ago that Kim Jong-un has tried to support the Islamic Syria through a ship with 400 tons munition, it would interest me if Kim Jong-un is still a Muslim or if he does this rather of anti sympathy to the USA. Kim Jong-un surly wants to represent Mohammed himself. Many Greetings

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