The Sounds of the Jimjilbang

I recently mustered up enough courage for my first trip to a Korean spa, locally known as a jimjilbang. Lots of public nakedness was had by all, and I left feeling relaxed and squeaky clean. While parts of it might be a tad exaggerated for comedic purposes, this song I made pretty well captures the experience, which was great but also slightly scarring. Apologies in advance for my mediocre singing voice, ‘guess I need to hit the norebang more often. Enjoy!

The Sounds of the Jimjilbang


Translation: 게이와 레즈비언이 결혼한 이유는? Why Would A Lesbian Marry a Gay Man?

From yesterday's links, this was the only article that I felt I could translate in a reasonable amount of time. A review on Two Weddings and a Funeral from Money Today is honestly more of a lineup than a critical review of the musical. I guess I'll have to see it and let readers know how it is ^^ 
"Among all people, when I see you my  heart trembles.

Summer Musical: Priscilla Queen of the Desert in Seoul

The gay musical for this season is Priscilla Queen of the Desert. If you haven't seen this musical, it's quite the flaming show about the journey of two drag queens and a transgender woman traveling across Australia.

Seoul Players Rocky Horror Performance

This Friday and Saturday, the Seoul Players will be shadowing a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I see a bunch of my friends are going/maybes/invited on the Facebook page... Sigh. I want to be in Korea doing the Time Warp with my friends and my bf. Maybe next year?

The show is at The Bull and Barrel at 11 pm on October 25th and 10 pm on the 26th. 10,000 won at the door. 

Queer Summer Musicals

There are at least two summer musicals this season with queer themes. The first one is a huge hit in Korea: Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The musical is playing through September 8th.

Drag Queen The Musical

I had the chance to see Drag Queen in Daehangno yesterday. Although I wasn't blown out of the water, it still was a decent show with some great eye candy.

KQCF- Musical: Drag Queen

One of my readers asked for some more information about the Korean Queer Culture Festival. Although the website has an English section, most of the tabs go to pages in Korean. I'll try to inform my readers about what is going on...
A musical called Drag Queen has been playing in Daehangno (Hyehwa station). On Sunday, May 26th at 2pm you can get VIP seats for 20,000 won (originally 50,000). After the performance, there will be a discussion and photo time. Oh, and the beautiful Harisu is starring!

Rocky Horror Halloween in Seoul

Why am I leaving this week?!?! Seoul is bustling with Halloween activities, and since Halloween is such a queer holiday, a lot of things are going down. Friday and Saturday night they are having screenings of Rocky Horror at Moon Night. Such a great show...

The show is at 9 pm on Friday and Saturday. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Rocky Horror in Seoul

The Seoul Players are putting on a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Those that want to perform along with the screening of the film should check out their Facebook Page. The auditions are on the 1st and 2nd of September at Moonnight in Itaewon. The show will be on Halloween, but if you can't wait to see some sweet transvestites, check out this pretty great rendition by the Korean cast.

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