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Rad City Dance Party Art Show!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 21:00

Let's party! ... Live music, DJ Auntviv, zines and art displays...

9pm - Live Acoustic Set
- Jason Ross (last show in SOKO)
- Vivian Thomas (last show in SOKO)
- Rachel Hinkel
- Daniel Goldberg (last show in SOKO)

10pm - Live Electronic Set
- The Spookfish ( ) (Last show in SOKO)

11pm - Live Band
- Lhasa

Midnight (and between sets)
- DJ Auntviv (last show in SOKO)

All at the Basement in Busan's PNU neighborhood!

(facebook event page HERE:!/event.php?eid=296316460981&ref=mf)

Looking for a music studio around Haeundae to practise in

I'm looking for a music studio around Haeundae, or somewhere close by, for myself and a few friends to practise in. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a place with a drum kit and a few amps ideally. Does anyone know of anywhere? Plus if anyone fancies joining us for a jamm you would be more than welcome ^^

Anyone know where to buy a good digital piano in Busan besides Home+?


I'm looking to buy a digital piano, and am wondering if anyone knows of music shops or any online stores that sell decent brands at reasonable prices. I saw a Casio 88 key digital piano at homeplus for 745,000 won but dont feel like spending that much for a Casio... any ideas? 



Live Rock 'n' Roll at the Basement in PNU

Saturday, November 21, 2009 - 22:00




JOHN RENNIE the Jam beating up on Elvis Costello. Must See.

MAMASON, punk meets cool. their recently released CD will be available for purchase. If you don't find yourself singing to the chorus of "pretty girl." you probably need some shock therapy.

Rock and Roll Show at Moo Monk in PNU

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 (All day)

Destination: Jarasum Jazz Festival 2009 (Gapyeong)

Presenting the South Mountain Jazz Orchestra at the Welcome Post.

As mentioned in this month's schedule, the 6th annual Jarasum Jazz Festival was one of the better jazz performances I've seen in person. A few flaws kept it from being an even better show, but it's an event I'll be looking for next year when October rolls around again.

towers, asphalt and sky- A Busan time-lapse- Music by DJ Lennart

A little project I’ve been tweaking. Wanted to see how it looked online, still needs some work. Thanks to Lennart Borst for creating the haunting audio.

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