No Naps Allowed: Hamilton Hotel Pool in Itaewon

Everybody ((still)) Wants To Rule The World, right? –Super!Sonic in Seoul–

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

We were walking down the streets in Manhattan, NY. It was like one of those iconic moments where your camera takes a picture on its own. Although I have only been to NY twice, whereas my husband was brought up on the Island… I find it as fascinating as most! My mind imagines these crazy stories of the people and night life that takes place in the city.

How did this guitar get here? Was it a love serenade gone bad? Or time for an upgrade? Was it a dream made, maybe a small town girl like Coyote Ugly, finally made it in the city and traded in her old model in?


{{{{August is special!}}}}

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So today is the day!

I am 27!!

Here is a playlist I made ^^

We all deserve a ‘Spring Break’, yes even you. *Mud Festival*

Pungnyu at the Palace

Korea wasn't always an incredibly modern, high tech, "bbali, bbali" ("hurry, hurry") country. In fact, back in the day before it was a nation of Samsung and skyscrapers, its residents preferred a simpler, slower paced lifestyle.

I remember when this fact was first brought to my attention last year. I was walking with a Korean friend amongst the trees on Namsan Mountain. The leaves were beginning to change colors and an early autumn wind blew up the trail on which we were walking. We sat down on a traditional wooden gazebo like the ones that are commonly found in parks and outdoor resting places throughout Korea. As I was taking in the scenery, my friend informed me that gazebos like the one we were resting on were originally used by the royal and noble classes of the former dynasties. There, they would recite poetry, drink tea (and alcohol, I'm sure), play music, and dance all the while having a 360 degree view of the environment surrounding them.

Lena Park "Parallax"

About a week ago, I got a call from a friend of mine offering me a ticket to see Lena Park's "Parallax" concert at Olympic Hall at Olympic Park in eastern Seoul. I jumped at the chance, not only because I was excited to see my friend perform as her guitarist and vocalist, but also because she's one of the most famous singers in Korea and in Asia.

From Morning Calm to the Rising Sun

In a little less than a week I will be in JAPAN!!  I'm really excited, and I devoted a big chunk of this past weekend getting ready and cleaning and making lots of lists.  I have also been doing some of my favorite things to do before a trip.

Books: Not only am I pouring over the guidebooks I've borrowed from friends (right now I have 2 Japan travel books and one Tokyo book),  but I've also decided what book to bring to read on the trip itself.  There's an awesome used English bookstore in my neighborhood called "Fully Booked" which is absolutely great (I'll devote a whole post to them later), but they had a few Murakami books on the shelves so I decided to be super nerdy and read "Kafka on the Shore" while traveling through Japan.  It was the first Murakami book I had ever read and one that I had passed on to other friends to read,  so I bought another copy and it worked out really well.  When I think of riding the trains through Japan, I think of Murakami.

Ok ok I admit it, I caught the K-Pop bug.

2ne1 resized 600

(picture of K-Pop group 2NE1 from

Go ahead, try and move to Korea and remain completely untouched by K-Pop. Good luck.

R-16 World B-Boy Masters Championships: Pop, Lock, and Drop It

One of the cool things about Korea is that there is a number of subcultures flourishing, but many of them are so far underground that visitors (and even some locals) might never even suspect their existence. B-boy culture is one of these and while I knew it was present here, my exposure to it had been minimal. In areas like Hongdae and Hyehwa, it is fairly common to see young guys sporting the hip-hop look, but until this weekend, I had had no idea how big of a player Korea was in the b-boy world.

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