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Exclusive: PSY`s Anti-America Protesting Past?

Note: This is the original story that broke the whole PSY anti-American scandal wide-open. Was wild to watch it start from my little musings over on Haps to eventually being  cited by everyone from the New York Times to Time Magazine to ABC news.

“Gangnam Style” has made PSY a global household name with millions of adoring fans. According to recent English translations of his performances in 2002 and 2004, PSY participated in several high profile anti-American military protests on the peninsula that might anger some, while winning over others.

Little Rock Concert at Hansung University

As I sat inside a small auditorium at Hansung University watching a small rock concert put on by students, I couldn't help but look around and consider that in a year I would be far-far away from this place.


Hi everyone!

As you know right now I'm in Italy but since its 4am and I can't sleep anymore I thought I should blog (haha), so I'm so sorry about not adding the links correctly or the pictures being all together at the end... I'm blogging from my Iphone and I can't edit properly :( but here it goes...

My Date with PSY: soju chugging, shirtless dancing + some singing

photo credit

I almost missed my date with PSY, but I have a long subway ride and my love of Twitter to thank for getting me up front and personal with the man who brought Gangnam Style (722,762,395 views as of 11/15) to the world.

Guitar lessons in English


I am trying to learn to play the guitar, so I am looking for lessons in English.  Does anyone know of a good place or teacher?

Seoul's Gay Men's Chorus 2012 Concert

The Kimchi Queen is back from the US and ready to dive back into Korean gay culture! It looks like I'll be pretty busy with posting for a while. I'll start from the very beginning (a very good place to start); G-Voice, the gay men's chorus in Seoul, is holding their annual fall concert this weekend.

The concert is titled Change, and will be playing at the Seoul Art Cinema (probably the gayest theater in Seoul other than those DVD rooms in Jongno that serve some sordid fantasies). The concert is this Saturday, November 11th with two performance: 4 pm and 7:30 pm. 

Liebster Award

Roam Around the World

I’ve been busy with writing for NaNo,  I wrote close to 5,000 words today so I could use a little bit of a dance break so I thought I would share.

When I was thinking of names for this website, a song kept running through my head.  It’s one of my favorite songs by The B-52′s, and pretty much From Roam with Love‘s theme song.

I hope it makes you want to go out and rule the world, or at least dance around while laughing at early music video styles.
“Roam if you want to, roam around the world”


From Roam with Love,

“Like, what should we do this weekend?”

As an English teacher in South Korea, when Thursday rolls around each week I usually itch for my upcoming weekend plans. I have learned to take full advantage of my weekend time in Korea and I hope to continue with this new approach to my free time when I return home. I love the tired yet accomplished feeling of a Sunday night following a jam-packed weekend of experiencing new things and people in Korea. When I find myself without plans midweek, I use the following 5 resources to find inspiration for weekend outings. I hope you find them helpful and please feel free to comment with alternative ideas. I promise, armed with these resources you won’t find yourself uttering the annoying answer to a friend looking to have a memorable weekend, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

5 Awesomely Awesome Things: Travel Songs Edition

I love making playlists.  I love trying to find perfect songs to fit certain moods, and I love a good theme.  A goodbye party, a mix for flying back home from Korea, or even a ‘6-am during a Chicago Winter and I have to go to work pump up’ mix, I will gladly craft a playlist to help enhance any occasion or mood (or at least I’ll try my hardest to do so). So I wanted to share some of my favorite travel songs that are almost always on any travel themed playlist I make.


1. “California”- Joni Mitchell:

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