I was just listening to some fine piano music written by my friend Joe Cough and it made me think of how I’d never gotten around to writing a review of one of my absolute favorite albums, one I’ve been coming back to again and again for many years now.

How to Stay Sane Until Spring (Korean Winter, we’re through.)

I love lists...

I started this post a long, long time ago, when I'd first arrived in Korea. It was about the vast amount of lists I had for films that I wanted to watch, books I wanted to read, places in Korea that I wanted to see, and things I wanted to do, but recently a whole new species of lists has been developed with my imminent trip to England. I love lists, they really do make me feel like I'm getting things done, even if it is partly indulging the side of me that likes to procrastinate.

Having been in Korea for a year, I've been deprived of several things that used to be pretty important to me, here are the lists I've made for my visit home.


Man of the Week: Tablo

Let me introduce you to 32 year old Tablo.
In 2003, he formed Epik High with Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, an alternative hip-hop group with a pretty extensive discography.

K-Pop and the Future of Korea

Many Westerners who come to Korea to live or to visit quickly write off K-pop, Korea's mainstream music genre, as a cheesy, sugar-coated excuse for entertainment. They see outlandish costumes, boys in heavy eyeliner, and flamboyant choreographed dance moves.  They become annoyed with strange Engrish lyrics and seemingly identical tunes that blare from just about every storefront of the country.  But, what they don't realize is that K-pop is much bigger than skinny jeans and plastic faces.  In fact, K-pop is transforming Korea as the world knows it.

Where is OZ concert hall located?

Does anyone know where OZ live concert hall is?  I know it is in Seomyeon somewhere.  I just don't know exactly where.  I think this place used to be Rock House.

There is a metal show on Sat. I want to see, so please help me :)

Events Over the Weekend

Need some gayness this weekend? There are a couple of special events going on if bar hopping on the hill isn't your thing.

Preparing for a Korean Goodbye: Don’t leave my friends out of this.


Time is running out, so please stop saying, “Yeah, we will have to do that some weekend.” I have exactly 6 weekends left in Korea and each is pretty much full from 8pm on Friday until late Sunday afternoon. I am lucky in that many of my friends in Korea are also leaving close to my departure date. Most of us are in a rush to eat lots of kimchi, find Psy socks to bring home and most importantly soak up each others awesomeness before some depart for homes scattered all over the globe and others remain in Korea. And oh yeah, I still have to find the confidence to make a jjimjilbang date. Umm, a little help please?

Seven KPop Alternatives to “Gangnam Style”

Don’t get us wrong–we love Psy.  Love him.  Ric and I are probably responsible for at least 300,000 of those millions of YouTube video hits, and we NEVER get tired of the ubiquitous “horse dance”.  However, all good things come to an end, and sometimes you need a break from even the most epic of music videos. So, for your listening pleasure, we offer seven KPop alternatives to “Gangnam Style”–songs that, despite their lack of horse dance, are pretty catchy and definitely worth a listen.  Or twenty.

1)  Lee Hi “″:  You won’t believe that such a big voice is coming from such a little body.  Her outrageous eyes even remind me a little of Christina Aguilera.

My 2012: While you were busy Googling ‘What is a Gangnam?’…

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