Translation: Cheering on Korea's LGBT Population- Flash Flood's Acceptance Speech

This recent article in Huffington Post Korea caught my eye. It is just a quick piece on singer Flash Flood Darlings who recently came out as homosexual in a very public space. 

Flash Flood Darlings is a singer who debuted in 2014 with Plugged - At Neo's. On the 29th of February in the 13th Korean Music Awards he received the top award Dance and Electronic Award. On this day, he received the award for his song which he presented in March of 2015: Star (별). According to a NewsN report, he explained the context for his song.

February 21, 2016The Bon Iver show in Seoul, Korea was so good!...

February 21, 2016

The Bon Iver show in Seoul, Korea was so good! I’ve seen him perform before, but this show was much more intimate. It was at Ax Hall, which is where I saw the Flaming Lips five years ago

Justin Vernon was just a humble as the last time I saw him, several years ago. It was the perfect weekend in Seoul.

A year ago, Ghostface Killah canceled a show in Busan, which...

A year ago, Ghostface Killah canceled a show in Busan, which started a year of canceled and postponed shows in Korea for me. I’m still mourning over the fact that I haven’t seen CHVRCHES yet, and I may never hear them sing all my favorite songs from their first album. 

2016 is a new year, though -and I’m so ready to see Bon Iver in Seoul tomorrow, February 21, 2016!

These are my top albums of 2015 in no particular order. I...

Drag and the spirit of lesbos in Mamamoo's latest music video

I'm not a huge fan of K-pop, but Mamamoo's Um Oh Ah Yeh played the backdrop to my vacation to Gangwon-do last week and I've been listening to it on repeat today. Cute beat, great hook, and a good deal of cross-dressing. (I would also hypothesize that Moon Byul and Whee In were playing a lesbian couple, but maybe I'm just shipping).

Ye Olde MySpace

Musicians of Busan - I'm looking for a band.  In the process, I found my old MySpace page.  Hysterical, I know, but I'm going to share it with you anyway.  Just click here ;)

A must-do thing as a YG fan in Seoul!

If you’re a YG fan (or Bigbang, GD, 2NE1 or Psy’s), there is one thing that you should do when you visit Seoul.

Drum roll… Watch the Hologram Concert at Klive! :)

It’s actually even cooler than it sounds with fascinating visual effects and graphics. It felt like we were actually there at a real concert.

Psy talking to us the audience!

Just look at Psy singing Oppan Gangnam Style~! Bring back 2013!

Haeundae Beach Holi Hai 2015

I post this hoping to sound more like a supportive girlfriend...

I post this hoping to sound more like a supportive girlfriend rather than a silly groupie. (Then again, no shame in being a groupie…) My boyfriend is part of an acoustic rap duo and they’re releasing their first album. Please enjoy the video. If you’re in Busan on Valentine’s Day, come party with us. If you like them, find ‘Robscenity’ on Facebook.

These are my top albums of 2014 in no particular order. I...

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