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Drag and the spirit of lesbos in Mamamoo's latest music video

I'm not a huge fan of K-pop, but Mamamoo's Um Oh Ah Yeh played the backdrop to my vacation to Gangwon-do last week and I've been listening to it on repeat today. Cute beat, great hook, and a good deal of cross-dressing. (I would also hypothesize that Moon Byul and Whee In were playing a lesbian couple, but maybe I'm just shipping).

Ye Olde MySpace

Musicians of Busan - I'm looking for a band.  In the process, I found my old MySpace page.  Hysterical, I know, but I'm going to share it with you anyway.  Just click here ;)

A must-do thing as a YG fan in Seoul!

If you’re a YG fan (or Bigbang, GD, 2NE1 or Psy’s), there is one thing that you should do when you visit Seoul.

Drum roll… Watch the Hologram Concert at Klive! :)

It’s actually even cooler than it sounds with fascinating visual effects and graphics. It felt like we were actually there at a real concert.

Psy talking to us the audience!

Just look at Psy singing Oppan Gangnam Style~! Bring back 2013!

Haeundae Beach Holi Hai 2015

I post this hoping to sound more like a supportive girlfriend...

I post this hoping to sound more like a supportive girlfriend rather than a silly groupie. (Then again, no shame in being a groupie…) My boyfriend is part of an acoustic rap duo and they’re releasing their first album. Please enjoy the video. If you’re in Busan on Valentine’s Day, come party with us. If you like them, find ‘Robscenity’ on Facebook.

These are my top albums of 2014 in no particular order. I...

Homoerotic Music Video: 4L's Move

This new music video by Four Ladies (4L) is quite homoerotic. When looking at the lyrics, though, it appears that any lesbian action is mean for the male gaze (Don't be shy boy)... sigh. Tons of articles have already discussed this video, feminism, and slut-shaming, so I don't feel the need to discuss it any further. I do recommend reading the heated comments on Youtube though. Enjoy this homoerotic and awkward debut by 4L.

Saint Patrick’s Day in Seoul, 2014


When you live in Korea long enough expecting public holidays from home to fall on their usual day or date becomes a waste of time. Really. Anyone American will be familiar with Thanksgiving falling on a Saturday, and even the Superbowl the night after. Irish, like myself, are now most familiar with a Saturday Saint Patrick’s Day, and yesterday was no different from other years (except for last year and the year before when Paddy’s Day actually fell on the weekend…which kind of ruins my point), the day of Ireland and it’s ‘ness was transformed from its early weekday schedule to a much more alcoholic friendly Saturday.

I hesitate to post this as Kpop fans, at times, can be...

These are my top albums of 2013 in no particular order. I...

SOREA Band Live

Anybody who produces, performs, or loves Rap/Hip-Hop?

Hello everybody,

I am a California native vacationing out here in Busan, Korea. I love composing, performing listening to Rap/Hip-Hop music in English and Korean. I am wondering if there are anybody in the Busan area who share similar interests as me. I want to create a group or a meet where we can exchange or create music or just simply hang out. Feel free to reply here and contact me. Thanks!

PNU Club Tour

Damn… It’s been a long time – apologies and all the usual garbage excuses about being busy. Let’s get into it.

Would you like to play any instruments on the stage ?

Eric's Bar has a stage where you are welcome to show off any of your musical talents to your friends. Every Friday we have a Jam day and anybody can join. Bar is located at Bundang, near Miguem Station. On the stage, Rivers-9 Drum set, Fender Blues Jr tube amplifier and Ampeq bass guitar amplifier are prepared. 

Bring the guitars and join us.

See the Business Listings menu to get more information about this bar. 

Ulsan World Music Fest

Now I know this isn’t technically a Busan event… but it’s close enough and the amount of overseas talent onstage is alarming. There will be folk music from all corners of the world, reggae, disco, hip-hop, jazz. Sometimes, the absence of outside culture here gets to me and I yearn for something different to stretch my brain around. This festival seems designed to do just that.

Lesbian(?) Music Video: 골라봐 (Take Your Pick) Translation

This video is a bit old, but I just discovered it. The group Ten (텐) Wreleased 골라봐 back in 2009. Two women are sexually assaulted on the subway (probably line 2) and proceed to comfort one another (eventually physically). This video came out right before I moved to Korea for the first time, but I hadn't heard of it till 2013. Does anyone know what the reaction was like in Korea?

Watching the video you would think "Hey, those ladies love ladies". Then you take a look at the lyrics.

Translation of lyrics (by TKQ)

자! 골라 골라보세요 네 골라보세요                        

This Weekend, PNU Rocks

Zero Festival gets down this weekend in PNU with all types of sonic goodness.

Dear Korea #096

Anyone who has lived in Korea in the past two years or so should probably know exactly what store and which song this comic is referencing. For those of you that don’t, click here and enjoy. Be warned. It’s terribly catchy.

While hearing this song for the entirety of my shopping trips was a little strange at first, I eventually grew to love it and even started looking forward to it. What can I say? It puts me in a great mood for no real reason. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who feels this way. I just know a number of friends and I were a little heartbroken when they changed the song over the past few years to something more generic and pop-friendly.

I suddenly want to go shopping for groceries I don’t need now…

Weekend Rocks 8/29-9/1

Shows this weekend:


Outlier and a Nirvana Cover Band @ Vinyl Underground, No cover, 9pm

2013 Busan Sunset Live Preview (Part 3)

<<>> A few days ago, the timetable was released to us common folk. It seems that they tried to intersperse the rock acts in amongst the non-rock acts instead of clumping them all together. So… no matter what time you go, there’ll be a smorgasbord of musics to sample and taste. […]

Knees Up in Sindorim! Seoul Céilí, August 8

You’ll have to excuse this break from regular broadcasting as I’d like to plug an event I’m involved in organising.

For any of you in Seoul, or indeed South Korea over the next few weeks and you’re in need of a good knees up, the Irish Association of Korea will be having their annual Céilí on Sunday, September 8 in Sindorim.

Seoul Céilí: Irish Music and Dance Festival September 8, 2013.

2013 Busan Sunset Live Preview (Part 2)

My Husband’s Serenade


Band Ryeong Gyo (밴드 령교) Album Release Show

This is a Busan band that I just happened to stumble across on youtube. I’d never heard of them or seen them before but it seems they have quite a following and their sound is unique and fresh. They are called Band Ryeong Gyo… quite a mouthful for western tongues, and quite an earful too. This might be too obscure a reference: If anyone remembers the electronic rock band Defector Frequency a few years ago… they sound like that but cooler. I can say that because Defector Frequency doesn’t exist anymore… and that isn’t cool at all.

About K-Pop in Europe (an interpretation)

As it may not be common knowledge yet, I was teaching Italian secondary school students in Ireland for a month for pocket money while spending the summer here with Herself and +1. It has been fun.

Of course I explained to them that I did not actually live in Ireland, and that I was a resident of Korea (no not North, South). This got a reaction sometimes, and other times it didn’t. The students I was teaching were nice, with a decent standard of English, but I was lucky to have the higher levels, as there were other teachers who were considerably less fortunate. But anyway.

Busan Rock Fest 2013 Guide

This weekend sees the biggest musical event of the year in Busan. Although the lineups aren’t as star studded as some of the other big festivals in Korea, Busan International Rock Festival is unique in that it is free and that it takes place right in the city. This year’s headliners stay true to the festival’s pedigree of hard rock, metal and punk that dominate Korean indie music. But the past few years the organizers have been bringing many new types of bands such as celtic, ska, reggae and funk.

The festival will, once again, take place at the spacious Samrak Park (삼낙공원) that borders Busan’s west edge against Gimhae. There are two stages, the main stage and a smaller stage for up-and-coming acts (And the award for best second stage band name goes to… Velcro Sex out of Daegu!). Also there are concessions and a “Club Music Lounge” which, in the past, has been a nice, if not quiet, place to get out of the heat.

Roots Space 공간루츠 (new Busan music venue)


From Brian of Busan Rocks

I had such a great time at the Ansan Valley Rock Festival


I had such a great time at the Ansan Valley Rock Festival. It was in a new location this year. While things were a bit disorganized, I liked the venue. Mild rain and mosquitoes were an annoyance, but overall, I had a lot of fun.

My friends and I stayed in a pension, which I think is the way to go, because I can’t imagine camping in the rain.

Great line up, including Polyphonic Spree, Vampire Weekend, Cat Power, The Cure, The XX, My Bloody Valentine, Steve Vai, Coheed & Cambria, Foals, Nell, Stereophonics, Priscila Ahn, Skrillex, Yellowcard, fun., Nine Inch Nails, and a bunch of Korean bands I should take some time to listen to.

It’s not on the same scale as Sasquatch Music Festival, but I still think the Korean organizers did a good job. There were definitely moments were I was thinking, “Wow, this is such a Korean experience and would never happen back home." Such as getting my hair styled and foot massages while drinking free booze.

Also, there is no exchange of money at the festival. Instead, you charge and use your T-money card, which can also be used on subways and buses in all (or maybe just major?) cities. It’s a bit dangerous because I wasn’t keeping track of how much money I was spending, but it was really convenient.

My mosquito bites are heinous, but I had a great time, and I would go again!

The Cure was amazing last night. I wasn’t the biggest fan...

The Cure was amazing last night. I wasn’t the biggest fan before, but now… I was just blown away by their three hour set. Two more days of Ansan Valley Rock Festival. Here we go…

Mission Statement

Music. It’s been part of me for every step I’ve taken in this life. I’ve studied, taught, performed, promoted and produced. Since moving to Korea 4 years ago, music has taken control. This has opened the door to a vibrant music scene that perhaps many people don’t realize is happening right under their noses. Even when Korean promotors and bands actively pursue foreigners for attendance at their shows, all the necessary info is rarely translated or distributed properly. There are amazing artists that are doing their thing in dingy basement clubs and most expats never know.

I’m no insider. But I do find myself regularly trying to get my friends to see bands that I find incredibly interesting. Hopefully, if you’re reading this blog, you’ll learn about a new venue or festival or band that will change the way you think about arts in Busan.

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