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Haeundae Beach Holi Hai 2015

I post this hoping to sound more like a supportive girlfriend...

I post this hoping to sound more like a supportive girlfriend rather than a silly groupie. (Then again, no shame in being a groupie…) My boyfriend is part of an acoustic rap duo and they’re releasing their first album. Please enjoy the video. If you’re in Busan on Valentine’s Day, come party with us. If you like them, find ‘Robscenity’ on Facebook.

These are my top albums of 2014 in no particular order. I...

Homoerotic Music Video: 4L's Move

This new music video by Four Ladies (4L) is quite homoerotic. When looking at the lyrics, though, it appears that any lesbian action is mean for the male gaze (Don't be shy boy)... sigh. Tons of articles have already discussed this video, feminism, and slut-shaming, so I don't feel the need to discuss it any further. I do recommend reading the heated comments on Youtube though. Enjoy this homoerotic and awkward debut by 4L.

Saint Patrick’s Day in Seoul, 2014


When you live in Korea long enough expecting public holidays from home to fall on their usual day or date becomes a waste of time. Really. Anyone American will be familiar with Thanksgiving falling on a Saturday, and even the Superbowl the night after. Irish, like myself, are now most familiar with a Saturday Saint Patrick’s Day, and yesterday was no different from other years (except for last year and the year before when Paddy’s Day actually fell on the weekend…which kind of ruins my point), the day of Ireland and it’s ‘ness was transformed from its early weekday schedule to a much more alcoholic friendly Saturday.

I hesitate to post this as Kpop fans, at times, can be...

These are my top albums of 2013 in no particular order. I...

SOREA Band Live

Anybody who produces, performs, or loves Rap/Hip-Hop?

Hello everybody,

I am a California native vacationing out here in Busan, Korea. I love composing, performing listening to Rap/Hip-Hop music in English and Korean. I am wondering if there are anybody in the Busan area who share similar interests as me. I want to create a group or a meet where we can exchange or create music or just simply hang out. Feel free to reply here and contact me. Thanks!

PNU Club Tour

Damn… It’s been a long time – apologies and all the usual garbage excuses about being busy. Let’s get into it.

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