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[Video] For the Second Time in 10 Days, Dog is Leashed to Car and Dragged Around Town


[VIDEO] Son Acting Girlish? Daughter Acting Butch? Punch and Demean them Says the Preacher


Microsoft: Asians are OK. Blacks, well, uhmm

Microsoft: Asians are OK. Blacks, well, uhmm

Oh, Alabama.

Oh, Alabama.

And so it begins

Oh, Alabama.

OK, so maybe that wasn't the best idea

OK, so maybe that wasn't the best idea

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

Will fat ever be phat?

Will fat ever be phat?

The height of lowness: More on China and Tiananmen

The height of lowness: More on China and Tiananmen God. The making of a myth in North Korea God. The making of a myth in North Korea

"Oink, Oink": That's Chinese for "Welcome!" Citizenry backs government quarantine of Mexicans

The Chinese government has been catching flack from the international community in recent days over its decision to quarantine Mexican nationals in China over Swine Flu concerns.But the typical Chinese citizen thinks they are doing a grand job with those "devious" Mexicans.The quarantines have been anything by cordial. According to the Mexican ambassador, in one instance a family with three small

If only anti-gay activist's parents had been gay

This is a few days old and I wanted to get to it at the end of last week, but the Somali Pirate story was too compelling not to write about. Had there been a gay pirate involved in the kidnapping I might have been able to tie it in, but rarely does such journalist luck occur.Perhaps you have already seen the controversial anti-gay marriage TV ad called, "A Gathering Storm," from a Christian group

The Week We View for Apr. 12th

>In the Rude or Stupid department: The South Korean city of Iksan, which is known as Korea’s first “woman-friendly city,” the government installed 25 parking spaces reserved for women only. They’re outlined in pink, with a large pink flower symbol, and are 20 centimeters wider than the standard parking space. According to the Iksan government, the spaces were made larger in order to accommodate “

South Korean official charged with stupidity

In a page right out of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's playbook for the cranial negligent, a Korean official on president Lee Myung-bak's staff has been charged with paying for sex on several occasions. He was busted by chance during a police sting."He was with a female employee at the massage parlor when we were conducting an undercover investigation," police said. "The shop operators said

Conservatives vs. Liberals: The Greatest Show on Earth

While the Federal Reserve in Washington and the Central Bank in London continue their decades-old (for the Brits centuries-old) game of fleecing the world, we do at least have the consolation of some fine entertainment on the main stage in America.Watching the Anglo-based alchemists, dressed as "conservatives" and "liberals", with their newly appointed, melanin-rich-middle-man, Barack Obama, and

The Religious Right puts Darwin's theory in serious doubt

I am a firm believer in evolution and the complete lack of intelligent design in the process. But when I look at right wing religious groups such as the American Family Association, I wonder if some of us ever made that last step from ape to human.The most recent evidence comes in their call for Republican National Party chairman, Michael Steele, to resign for saying that abortion is a choice but

The Week We View - Mar 15th

>Just for the record: Unlike our fledgling president, Idle Wordship is brought to you without the aid of teleprompters.>In an effort to distance itself from Bush administration policies, the Obama administration announced that the term "Enemy Combatant" will no longer be used to describe detainees held at Guantanamo prison. They will now be referred to as "guest tortures.">The Beverly Hills

Lyrics leaked for new Chris Brown-Rihanna duet

I love youI hit youI miss youI missed youYou send my heart racingYou send me to jailYou thrill meYou kill meOh, dad, please post bail.At first I thought I was dreamingThen I looked in the mirrorSo real was the passion and screamingI bet this will boost my careerThe cruises on your yachtThe bruises that I gotAin't no man like my manCome see me in the can(Rumor has it that the percussion will

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