Tieing Up Loose Ends from Home

This letter is to warn people thinking of coming to Korea. It could also serve those already here. You see, I have received letters stating I owe that last place I rented, in America, a termination fee.

Now I moved out in April 2008, and before I did I made sure the lease was handed over to the current roommate. I alerted the office I was moving, too. And then I get these letters stating that someone moved out in 2010 earlier than when the lease expires and I have to pay for it.

Since I moved out and have lived in Korea I have gotten rid of all that paperwork, a big mistake. Also I never really checked back with ex-roomie if everything was 100%. Although, I think I did and I have some emails asking her if things were good.

Ex-roomie will not return my calls or emails. This is frustrating because I just want to know her story and understand what happened.


The Afternoon That Got Swept Away

Although getting home at five PM is pretty sweet compared to most jobs in life, my afternoon today was a little bit different from usual. I was thinking of going to Lotte Mart to pick up some things, but then decided I didn't feel like eating dinner there. When I entered the entrance of my apartment complex the Ahjusshi was there along with another fellow. The Ahjusshi asked me something, but I didn't know what he was saying. However, it sounded pretty serious. The only thing I made out of it was a number, and so I figured he needed some payment.

Actually, when I moved in the previous teacher/tenant gave me a bag of money and a payment slip. He told me to head to the management office and pay it next month. Well time has passed, and I did go to the management office last month. But they only took half my payment. So I figured the Ahjusshi today was trying to get me to pay the rest.

Money Transfer Question

I'm going to be transferring money from Korea to my US bank account soon and I'm wondering what the best way is. I know that if you transfer over 10,000 US Dollars there is IRS involvement. If I am planning to transfer more than this, will the US be taxing me on this amount? Is there any good way to transfer a large amount of money without paying taxes? I know im supposed to be tax free in Korea, and I'm hoping that means I dont have to pay taxes on the money I saved in Korea when I go to transfer it back in the US. If anyone knows info about this, please let me know.

Destination: Bank of Korea Museum

Don't be too surprised that I'm fascinated by money. A museum of money? Sure, it's a fairly touristy place in downtown Seoul, but still somewhere I needed to check out.

First established on June 12, 1950, the Bank of Korea began functioning as a central bank in the turmoil following World War II. Within a month new banknotes were issued:

Question from a reader: advice for families?

A reader writes in looking for information about families and cost of living:

First off, I would like to thank you for answering many of my questions about South Korea. Chris, I have not found any information specific for families. I am married and we have two young children. Many questions have been answered, but is there any advice you can give? By the way, could you also give a cost of living price list such as rent, food, internet, clothing, etc...?



Question from a reader: financial obligations abroad

A reader wrote me recently with several questions. While most had to do with finding a job and recruiters (two subjects I've talked about quite often), this one was new to me:

I'm not straight out of university so [I] have financial responsibilities and would prefer to know what I'm getting myself into.

One thing a lot of people overlook is their financial matters - both here in Korea and back in their home country. If my recent poll is any indication, at least a fair percentage of English teachers come to Korea for the money, whether to build a savings or for a better lifestyle.

Mental note: Don't throw money to Chinese children

Mental note: Don't throw money to Chinese children

Woe is the Won

Fuck this noise.The Korean won has decided to die a horrible death just prior to my receiving my final pay checks and severance. In the end, I will probably "lose" close to a grand. Technically, I can't lose on something that hasn't been paid out yet. But, had I been scheduled to get out of here two months ago I would have had an extra grand. Happiness does not ensue. Much anger ensues.Today, I

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