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A decade ago, it was pretty easy to put away a couple thousand USD every month from teaching English in Korea. This usually involved a combination of the regular day-job and then some private teaching at night or on weekends. These days though, the cost of living has increased significantly while salaries have remained stagnant. Private teaching gigs are fewer than they once were and not many of them pay the 50,000 Won an hour that they used to. If you can save $1000 USD per month teaching English in South Korea, you’ll be doing well.

See: Teaching Abroad = Fun, but not Financially Lucrative for more details.

All is Not Lost, Perhaps?

Teaching Abroad: Fun, but Not Financially Lucrative

teaching-abroadTeaching Abroad: Fun, but not Financially Lucrative

I’ve been living out the Life After ESL part of my life since I moved to Canada a few weeks ago after living in Korea for the past 10 years. If you’re interested in transitioning out of teaching English abroad, check out the book I wrote about that:

Just Because Everyone Else is Doing It…

Just Because Everyone Else is Doing It…


Teaching in South Korea: Whatever you do, Don’t be that Guy

Teaching in South Korea

Teaching in South Korea for 1-3 Years: Have Fun!

During my time in Korea, I’ve met a number of people who I could only really classify as “ridiculous.” Let me qualify that. If you’re in Korea for 1-3 years, this doesn’t apply to you. Have fun, enjoy life, travel the world, do whatever!

10 Things I Love about Living and Teaching in South Korea

Teaching in South Korea

10 Things I Love about Living and Teaching in South Korea

You Came to Korea for the Money, Right?

Teaching English in Korea for the Money

You Came to Korea for the Money, Right?

Doesn’t everyone come to Korea to teach English for the money? I guess it’s not always true, but it’s often the case and anyone who says that they’re here for purely altruistic reasons, well treat with suspicion. Korea is a first world country.

Anyway, I’m not going to lie to you-the money is why I came to Korea to teach English after university. I wanted to pay off my student loans, save up a bit of money to hike the Appalachian Trail and see another part of the world.

Korea: Don’t Waste your Time

Korea, don't waste your time

A Reader Question from E.J.

“I am now beginning my second year of teaching  in Korea. I was calculating  how I’m doing with my student loans and how long it might take me to pay them off (which is looking like quite a while). That got me thinking about.. well, everything. Specifically, I want to make sure I’m spending my time wisely while I’m here in Korea. As a teacher, I have a nice chunk of free time and I try to use that in the most meaningful ways possible.

Teaching ESL Abroad as a Career: A Good Option?

Lots of people ask me about teaching ESL abroad as a career and whether or not it’s a good option. My answer is: sometimes, it really depends on the person. Teaching English abroad doesn’t exactly fit into the category of a “serious” job where you make “serious” money like you would doing many things back home,

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11-Day Trip to Thailand Budget

Below is a detailed list of how my budget shook out while traveling for 11 days in Thailand from February 14-25, 2015! When looking at the expenses, keep in mind that I was solo traveling (so all expenditures are for 1 person), it was Lunar New Year (one of the busiest times of the high season in Southeast Asia), and that the hostels/resorts where I stayed were priced in the mid-range of what I could find. I didn’t have the money for 5-star accomodations, but I didn’t need/want to rough it too much either. And while I didn’t go too crazy on food and drinks, I did spend quite a bit on activities in Koh Lanta a few times (not realizing Koh Lanta was such a tourist/resort island ahead of time, it was a bit more expensive than I was expecting). In Bangkok, I opted for the free sightseeing and just exploring the city, rather than the paid attractions, because of the prices and crowds.

How to Save Money While Teaching in Korea

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