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Much Ado about White Day

Today is White Day, 화이트데이 (hwaiteu dei) in Korean. White Day is another special day for couples celebrated on March 14th in some countries in Asia including South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. White Day is similar to Western-style Valentine’s Day wherein men give chocolates, candies, flowers or gifts to their ladylove.

Pepero Crazy

As Pepero Day approaches, children, teens and young couples go crazy over pepero, chocolate-flavored 

What Korean Dramas Have in Common

My  blog has been dormant for days, but it’s not because I am preoccupied with other things. We have a guest staying in our computer room and I can’t use the computer… argh! When I’m done with all the house chores, I usually stay on the computer, but for the past couple of days, I …

My Husband’s Serenade


Picnic by the River

Last weekend, my husband and I, together with his family, went to 팔현리 은항하리 to have a picnic by the river.

Cancer, Meet My God!

I’ve been weaving thoughts in my mind to come up with the right words to describe the joy that I feel, but no words can exactly express it. All I know is that I am BLESSED to have been given a great miracle, the miracle of healing. I should have written about this earlier, but I was reluctant to share this episode in my life with my FKWL readers, because it is something very personal. Thanks to my Mom she was able to persuade me to share my story in hopes of inspiring others who are facing a problem in life that seems almost impossible to overcome.

The Dates



The “Camaro” Challenge

Who Snores Now, Huh?



Terms of Endearment


Last night, while I was doing my usual beauty ritual before going to bed, my husband said: “You know what, sometimes I forget your name.”

I turned to look at him, a bit amused: “That’s a joke, right?’

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