Kaplan on the Middle Asian Lake

I can’t say I’ve always loved what Robert D, Kaplan has written, but I did enjoy what he says in this “Tea with Robert Kaplan” video (sorry, the video uploaded a bit oddly). I’m a bit skeptical about Beijing’s peaceful rise, though. Yet, I heartily agree that the key to American competitiveness in the region is to eschew territorial entanglements,

Here’s a link to Kaplan’s Monsoon. The video, though, is a much more compelling ad than this sensationalistic crap on the site.

Today’s Podcast Dump

I listen to so much verbiage in a given weekday commuting to my worthless say job. I need to dump the pearls of wisdom.

1. For Good Reason: Massimo Pigliucci: How to Tell Science from Bunk

Will Palin Run for President in 2012? (Video)

A bit off-blog for me, but I found this diavlog informative. I generally treat discussions like Anthea Butler’s and Sarah Posner’s like reading a cross between fantasy and sociology , only the religion is more a part of American life and the weirdness at the beginning of the story metastasizes instead of being explained. I share Butler’s view because the MSM has become an easier gig for the “craven”.

Debunking the Myth of Peace through Economic Ties (Video)

As an undergrad, I had the honor of studying with a student of Robert Keohane, one half of the team that wrote Power and Interdependence: World Politics in Transition and founder of the complex interdependence “school”. Now, Charles Kupchan claims he has proven that regime is irrelevant to diplomacy, and that geopolitics trumps economic interdependence. Although Eli Lake highlights the relevance of Kupchan’s work to Iran and Israel, I immediately thought of the DPRK. Kupchan’s theory helps those opposing economic engagement with Pyongyang.

Casey Dying at Bat on Stage (Video)

WTF, America! It’s laudable to hold Americans and American shortcomings up to public ridicule during an election year. But, why does it have to take the form of a comic routine? I don’t just mean Jon Stewart’s “tour-de-force“. I mean, why does every form of American public culture have to take the form of a loner facing the camera, the crowd, the odds? The talking head in the studio facing the camera isn’t Casey at bat! Or, a stand-up comedian bombing on stage.

And, can anyone tell me why Nikki Haley deserves this free advertising?

Americans need more pugilistic and football references in their political culture!

China Is the Loser, Post-Cheonan (Audio)

John Pomfret, David Kang, and Ambassador Chung Min Lee hold an excellent discussion on the current escalation of tensions in Northeast Asia following the sinking of ROKS Cheonan by a North Korean submarine strike. Two comments struck me as important. … Continue reading

Strategic Binds on the Korean Peninsula (Video)

I'm pleased that Carpenter took the regime change position, even if I ultimately agree with Drezner, that regional players want the status quo for the next decade at least. Continue reading

ROK Wartime Control Freaks

Some of us go on a bender when our wives go away for the weekend; others teach themselves how to make a podcast. Honestly, worse than listening to a jerk for 26 minutes is listening to oneself a hundred times all day long. I never knew I sounded so stoned. It just dawned on me, [...]

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