Creating a Queer Korean Anthology

In October, Professor Samuel Perry from Brown University gave a talk on The Melancholia of Queer Korea: Toward a New Anthology of Korean Literature. As the title of the lecture suggests, he is currently working on compiling and translating an anthology of Korean literature. He has graciously shared some of his slides.

Lecture at UCSD: "The Disappearance of a "Lesbian Park": Space, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Seoul"

This week, there is another queer-related lecture at UCSD looking at the disappearance of a "Lesbian Park" in Seoul. The flyer below gives you enough information.

Lecture at UCSD: The Melancholia of Queer Korea: Toward an Anthology of Fiction

I know most of my readers are English speakers in Korea, but thought I would share this event at my university.

I'll be skipping Korean class tomorrow to attend the lecture. Hopefully I can share some queer Korean literature with my readers.

Baesangmyeon Neurin Maeul Brewery Tour – September 6th


Sansawon Poster 3-01

Date: Sunday, September 6th.

Time: 9am – 6.30pm

Place: Pocheon City, Gyeonggido.

What:  Transportation, Lecture, Guided Tour, Lunch, Unlimited Tastings

The 2015 LGBTI Human Right's Forum: We Want It!

This Saturday and Sunday, Sogang University is hosting the 2015 LGBTI Human Right's Forum.

The days are split up in a variety of sections with panel discussions and '이야기방's, or story rooms, where I imagine people will be sharing their 이야기s.

Lecture: Discourse on Homosexuality in Korean History: Facts and Fantasies

Martin Weiser will be presenting a lecture on Saturday November 15th through The RAS Colloquium in Korean Studies titled Discourse on Homosexuality in Korean History: Facts and Fantasies. 

Remembering Queer Korea: An International Symposium, Film Festival, and Exhibition

The Transnational Korean Studies Program at University of California San Diego (my current grad school!) is hosting an international symposium, film festival and exhibition titled Remember Queer Korea. Acting Director of the Transnational Korean Studies Program, Todd Henry, is a scholar of modern Korea, currently working on a book on modern queer Korea, and organized the event. There is so much going on during Remembering Queer Korea and if you are in the San Diego area, I highly recommend going.

Keep Calm and Come On Workshop

On the 16th and 17th of February, the NGO Solidarity for Human Rights Korea (동성애자인권연대) will host a series of lectures and talks about queer issues in Korea. Topics will include domestic violence within same-sex relations, transgender issues, HIV/AIDS activism and more. It looks quite interesting, but I imagine your level of Korean would have to be close to fluency to understand. TKQ is not quite there yet...

For more information, check out Solidarity's website

Last Minute Lecture: Korea's Response to AIDS

This is very last minute, but this lecture by Sister Miriam Cousins at the Royal Asiatic Society looks really interesting. From their website:

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