Becoming a Korean Lawyer–the Battle Between the Bar and Law School

By K. Koo

After finishing my undergraduate studies in New England two years ago, I came back home to pursue a career in law. All had been going well, and in November, I was preparing for final exams to finish my second year in law school. But on December 2, most my classmates reported hearing rumors that that the Ministry of Justice had put an embargo on a press conference to be held the next day. Reasons for the embargo had not been given. All we heard was that the conference would be about the phasing-out of the Judicial Exam (aka the Korean Bar).

South Korean Police Arrest Wrong Nigerian, Refuse To Contact His Embassy

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea says the 2014 arrest of a Nigerian man violated his rights as authorities refused repeated requests to contact his embassy for more than a week.

Maxwell Iruviere says police confused him with another Nigerian & is now seeking compensation for his November 2014 false arrest & imprisonment. Korea FM spoke with Iruviere & Lawyers For A Democratic Society Attorney Yuna Lee about the incident.

Translation: 언론사 광고 ‘허위사실’도 명예훼손 처벌될까: Will the press be punished for 'falsehood' and libel?

Media Today's article looking at Lee Gye-deok's fight for justice after being defamed in an anti-gay advertisement posted throughout Seoul's public transportation system is a great read.

Translation: 헌재 "사실혼 배우자 상속권 불인정은 합헌" Constitutional Court “Constitutional disapproval of inheritance rights for commonwealth marriages”

While this article from Yonhap News does not refer specifically to same-sex couples in Korea, the ramifications for queer couples are quite clear. By not recognizing de-facto marriages, same-sex couples will continue to be screwed out of their rights to inheritance rights.

(서울=연합뉴스) 한지훈 기자 = 사실혼 배우자에게 상속권을 인정하지 않는 민법 조항은 헌법에 반하지 않는다고 헌법재판소가 결정했다.  

(Seoul Yonhap News) Han Ji-hun Reporter
The constitutional court has decided that civil laws that do not provide inheritance rights to those in de-facto marriages is not contrary to the constitution.

Smoking Ban: The Era of Korea as a Smoker`s Paradise Soon Coming to an End


Since there are very few places in Korea where you can’t light up, smokers have come to love the place. Those days are soon coming to an end as strict new laws kick in at the end of this month and the era of the public smoking ban hits Korean shores.

BUSAN, South Korea -- Korea, for better or worse, has long been a smoker’s paradise. You can light up just about anywhere in the ROK with little worry of repercussion either legally or socially.

Let Me Tell You Something about My Korean Parents-in-law

Korean housing laws

I plan to move out of my officetel soon. I completed my 2 year contract in February and told the building's Budongsan that I plan to move on April 9th which is more than a months notice. He told me that I need to pay him 420,000 won to find someone to move in and I can't move out until someone moves in. He also claims this to be the law but I can't find this info anywhere on the internet. Could someone please let me know if I must pay him this fee.

HELP! My school is trying to take my severance/flight money!


Long story short I was threated to be fired in May (4 months ago). But they didn't fire me and I kept working until now (august). Now I'm tryin to get my airfare and my severance and my boss said that I was officially fired in May so I can't get my airfare or my severance. 


I need to figure out who to call adn what to do. I''m tryign to call the labor board tomorrow and I've heard I should also call immigration. But can anyone give me any other tips or help or ideas? I can't have really been fired in May as I was never told that, I kept working, and I imagine it would be illegal for them to have fired me and kept me on staff anyways? Is it possible I can lose this battle?


Anyways any tips/info/insight is dearly appreciated I'm supposed to finish my contract in 8 days!

Obstruction and Doubt: Investigating the Case of Army PVT Andre Fisher

By Iwazaru with Marie Kulik

As 3WM continues to investigate the case of Pvt. Andre Fisher, a significant quantity of information relating to the case cannot be written about within the public domain (by any entity operating with South Korean press credentials) whilst the case is pending. Unfortunately this means that the following information is, for the moment, essentially embargoed. The gist of it, however, is as follows:

Brian Deer on the Wakefield Autism Scandal

I’m really pleased Russ Roberts stepped outside of his usual economics beat, to talk with Brian Deer on Autism, Vaccination, and Scientific Fraud about the Andrew Wakefield controversy. It’s a real public service.

Before Deer’s inquiries, Wakefield had appeared to all the world to be an independent, if controversial, researcher. Tall and square-headed, with hooded eyes and a booming voice, he was the son of doctors (a neurologist and a family practitioner), had grown up in Bath, a prosperous, west-of-England spa town, and joined the Royal Free in November 1988, after training in Toronto, Canada. His demeanour was languid – he was privately educated – and, born in 1956, he was a lingering example of the presumed honour of the upper middle class.

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