Dear Korea #135: Leg Cramps are a Thing

I recently read a news article saying how a person can gauge how healthy they are based on how easily they’re able to stand up without using their hands. Based on this information, my guy and I are pretty screwed.

I actually don’t mind restaurants where I have to sit on the floor too much, but a fair number of my friends (especially the taller ones) will actively avoid places that don’t have tables and chairs, no  matter how good the food may be. Even though I’m used to sitting on the floor, not using my legs for a few hours can lead to lots of wobbling, tripping, and even falling on my part. Then again, I’m just super clumsy..

Dear Korea #122 - Never Stop Cheering


Yeah…This week’s strip probably isn’t exactly funny or all that significant, but what can I say? I’ve been watching too much World Cup 2014 to properly function as a human being during normal people hours.

Speaking of work, the situation depicted in this week’s strip is something my friends from all over the country witnessed when South Korea was playing against Russia. I don’t think there was a single professional setting that didn’t have the game playing that day. The situation probably would  have been the same when South Korea played against Algeria (which was an amazing game) if it hadn’t been on at such an odd hour. I guess it’s kind of a good thing that I don’t sleep normal hours to begin with.

Oh well, the sun’s out. Time for a nap. See you next week!

Dear Korea #055 - Insomniac TV

Dear Korea #055

This seems to happen to me every single time. Speaking of which, I actually drew this late at night when a bunch of movies I like decided to come on back to back. I didn’t end up getting to bed until around 6AM.

I guess it makes sense, seeing how most of the movies and shows I entertain myself with are in English, and Koreans may generally prefer to watch stuff in their own language during the day. Maybe I just need a different cable provider. Maybe I should just watch less television. The latter is probably the better idea.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of comic! It’s going to be a few days late this week. To make up for it, here’s an image I drew for our fine fans at Facebook for Thanksgiving Day. I know it’s too late to post this here, but I hope it will do until I get the new comic up.

Here’s the explanation that went with the image.

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