Kuta Beach Lombok

Island life... Day 4 on Lombok Island, Indonesia

Sometimes we feel a little bit bad about being abroad in Indonesia and spending all of our time eating, swimming, collecting shells and scootering around... but then we remember that's our favorite kind of vacation and just go with it! :)

Island life... Day 2 on Lombok Island, Indonesia

The internet is spotty here, at best, and there's only 1 place we've found with decent wifi and I'm here now, drinking my diet coke and listening to the waves crash 15 feet away!  Not bad, eh?  Aaron and I are having the best time here.  Today we had breakfast at Mimpi Manis (the homestay where we're staying) and hung out with Tom, one of 3 cats and 2 dogs at the homestay!  We're partial to Tom because he's just plain awesome!

Island life... Day 1 on Lombok Island, Indonesia

We made it to Lombok Island in Indonesia and are LOVING it so far!  
Here's what our first couple days looked like!

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