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How to Make Tasty Tuna Kim Bop


How to Make Your Own ‘Crispy Gim’

My husband loves gim (김), Korean laver or seaweed. He prefers it roasted. We usually buy Korean roasted seaweeds in boxes, because those in packs don’t last a week. Last month, Omonim bought bundles of dry unsalted seaweeds, the ones that are not toasted yet. She said they are more delicious than the roasted seaweeds sold in packs. She taught me how to season and roast the seaweeds.

How Do You Like Your Bibimbap?

Tonight, I had a sudden craving for Bibimbap, so my husband and I went to what I call our “emergency hangout”, a 24-hour restaurant across from our apartment, where we often go when we get hungry in the middle of the night or when he comes home from work at 2 or 3 A.M., starving.

Pulmuone’s King-sized Dumplings

A few week’s ago, I tried to cook 떡국 (tteokguk: rice cake soup), but since we had a pack of 왕만두 (wang mandu: king-sized dumpling), which we bought from Homeplus, I decided to make 떡만두국 (tteok

Naengmyeon: Cold Noodles

7 Easy to Cook Korean Recipes

Japchae - Sweet potato noodles with shredded vegetables

Korean food is very popular, highly nutritious and absolutely easy to make. It does not take a lot of your time provided you have the key ingredients that make up the Korean kitchen. Make sure you stock your refrigerator with the following:

Books about Korean Food, Korean Recipes, Korean Cuisines

In this series we present you the top 5 books that would open up the doors for Master Chef in S Korea for you. Jokes apart, but if you love Korean Food, Korean Culture or if you are new to Korea then you must read these books. If will not only enlighten you about various Korean dishes and its recipes, but also the healthy ingredients that goes into making of these lip smacking, chopstick licking Korean Dishes.

food_book_the_korean_TableThe Korean Table: From Barbecue to Bibimbap 100 Easy-To-Prepare Recipes
by Debra Samuels, Taekyung Chung, Heath Robbins

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