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Review: Korean Food Dictionary (iPhone / iPod)

Put together by Daniel Gray from Seoul Eats and the O'ngo Team, the Korean Food Dictionary app offers a great look at Korean foods. The app isn't perfect, but it's the best on the market as of now. With over 130 different dishes described available, you won't find everything under the sun - but the most common dishes are all here.The first screen you see once the app loads is above - start with

Neon Streets and Japanese Eats: Dining in Seomyeon

Late one evening a couple weeks ago I caught the subway to Seomyeon with Jason, Bryan and Dianna–three of the five teachers who make up my awesome American teaching posse.  Jason’s lived here six months; it was Bryan and Dianna’s second night in town. 

In the maze of people-packed, neon-lit streets, we couldn’t find the Turkish restaurant Jason hoped to lead us to, so we slipped into a smoky Japanese joint, befriended four bar stools, and feasted on plates of steaming skewers. 

Other than the beef surprise I picked out of my udon noodles, and an unfortunate head attached to my mackeral pike, the experience left me intrigued: Korea’s culinary offerings provide mystery for both the palette and the eye.


March Madness - Korean style

While I don't usually plug my friends websites / blogs (except, of course, if I'm getting paid - HA HA HA), a project of Joe McPherson's from the venerable ZenKimchi will combine March Madness with Korean foods. From the introductory page:
Korean foods from different regions compete for fame and glory on the international stage. Which cuisine will reign supreme?

Here’s how it works.

It all starts at midnight Seoul Time on March 14th. Every day pairs of foods from the regions of Seoul-Gyeonggi, Northern, Southern and Central will vie for your votes. Each region has sixteen foods. The winners of each region will square off in the semi-finals and finals. By the end of March, we will award a lucky Korean food the title of 2010 World Champion.

[Nine] Happy Lunar New Year :)

Hello everyone,

This might be one day late for everyone in Asia, but I hope you are enjoying/enjoyed a wonderful Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day!

In Korea, Seollal 설날 (the Korean name for Lunar New Year) is one of the biggest celebrations in the year. It's a day to spend quality time with family and enjoy great food. In that respect, it's really fitting that this year, Seollal falls on Valentine's Day and that it's one day before Family Day.

[Three] Five dishes for newbies to Korean food

I recently went to eat Korean food with my friends and I was surprised to hear that one of my friends, Monica had not tried it before.

So, I have decided to dedicate this blog entry to Korean food for everyone like Monica who have yet to have tried Korean food.

Here are five Korean dishes I would like to recommend for newbies to Korean food :)

Itaewon and Seoul Food

Korea is an interesting contrast of socially conservative yet technologically liberal viewpoints. On the one hand you'll have a rigid social hierarchy and the encouragement of submission to elders, and on the other hand you have Aegis-equipped destroyers and 90% of the population owning a mobile phone. But I guess a land of contrasts is always going to be more interesting than a land where everything makes perfect sense.

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