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7. – 11. Cafe Do, Cafe Friends, Imperial Coffee, Coffee Tree, Let it be

These were the coffee shops that surrounded my first apartment in Gimhae I lived in for two months at the beginning of 2014. I took a ride back to that area Friday morning to see what remained and what had gone to the caffeinated clouds in the sky.

Saw your post! I've been accepted into EPIK for the fall intake! They haven't told us a specific date for orientation yet but my coordinator said it should start sometime around August 18th/19th/20th Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Ah okay great! I found out my last day will be August 24th! It’s coming up so fast I can hardly...

Love your blog and vlogs! I know you mentioned in a post (but I can't find it) that you have been out of school for a few years so you didn't ask professors for recommendation letter for epik smoe. Who did you ask??

Thanks! I didn’t ask many professors. I just asked the teachers I was closer to. I just asked two...

4. – 6. Gentle Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, Black Keys

At first, I hoped this was a play on a type of coffee that has low acidity, like the Aeropress. Sadly, it does not appear to be (it's also not very good).
At first, I hoped this was a play on a type of coffee that has low acidity, like the Aeropress.

Insider Shopping Tip for Dongdaemun Market you won’t find else where!


Dongdaemun is one of tourists’ favorite shopping places. Although it is known as one of the famous shopping areas, people still don’t know much about how to shop well around this place.

For those who haven’t visited Dongdaemun or who don’t have much information about it, we will give you the one & only insider tips to go shopping in Dongdaemun.

3. Audrey Hepburn Cafe (Random Review Weekly)

This one is right across the street from my apartment.
This one is right across the street from my apartment.

The Audrey Hepburn Estate knows about this … right?

Recently opened across the street from my humble apartment building in Gimhae is Audrey Hepburn Cafe, which, if paired with a few songs at a Kenny Rogers Noraebang, could make for a wonderful night of possible copyright infringement.

2. Bergamo, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnamdo

As far as I know, this is an independent coffee shop. But, it seems most businesses in Korea are chains.
As far as I know, this is an independent coffee shop. But, it seems most businesses in Korea are chains.

1. Coffee Walk Vol. 2, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnamdo

1. Coffee Walk Vol. 2 (or is it, Vol. 2 Coffee Walk?)
1. Coffee Walk Vol. 2 (or is it, Vol. 2 Coffee Walk?)

All the Coffee in Korea: Resurrection

In the past two years, the number of coffee shops in South Korea has only grown.

In September 2013, while still living and teaching in Busan, I had an idea to chronicle the vast number of caffeinated businesses South Korea has on offer. I dubbed it “All the Coffee in Korea.” I had big plans, including reviewing all the coffee in Korea. I stopped after reviewing one, the BC800 Coffee and Tea which had recently opened in humble Jangnim.

I don’t even remember there being a Starbucks in Jinju eight years ago. I remember Holly’s Coffee and that’s really it. And now, you can hardly find any of those. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of other options.

How I Accidentally Killed Benny’s Hedgehog


by O. Langer

In a recent study by psychologists at the University of California, Berkeley, one hundred ten-year-old boys and a hundred ten-year-old girls were sat at tables with a pencil and sheet of paper and asked draw a mouse.

The results confirmed the scientists’ suspicions. Of the 200 children, 180 had drawn not the rodent but a computer mouse. These were millennials. They may not have had pets but they’d always had a PC in the house.


Taking a Lunch Buffet Cruise in Han river.

WE86862559_w920 Did you watch the drama, “My Love from the Star”? In the drama, main characters took a cruise in Han river. Like the stars in the drama, how about taking a cruise in Han river with a luxury lunch buffet? We’ll show you around how to book, go and enjoy your moment at the romantic cruise of Hangang river. :)

1. Book for the cruise on Trazy!


Photography and the Growth Mindset

Here is the result of moving my tripod while the shutter was still open

Here is the result of moving my tripod while the shutter was still open

Doing some desk-warming at the moment. So I’m looking through my...

Doing some desk-warming at the moment. So I’m looking through my Pap’s old photographs from the Korean war. My Pap was always into photography and gadgets so of course he photographed some of his time there. Check them out.

The beginning of April marks cherry blossoms blooming in Korea....

Busan to Jinhae

Sitting on the bus floor

Eating rice cake in Jinhae

Posing with a selfie stick

Posing with a selfie stick

Posing with a selfie stick

Expanding Vocabularies, Expanding Minds

When I think of a teacher, I imagine more than just a person giving a lecture in front of a class. I picture someone who, in addition to educating students, also acts as a coach, a mentor, a friend, and quasi-parental figure; someone who guides and influences young people on their quest to understand the world, the people around them, and how they fit into it all.

Better safe than sorry! #korea #virusprevention

Better safe than sorry! #korea #virusprevention

A Cinemagraph Tour of Buddha’s Birthday in Korea

Lanterns Blowing in the Wind from Jason Teale on Vimeo.

If you haven’t noticed recently I have been putting a lot of time and effort into cinemagraphs, which are pictures that have a small area that moves. Many people think that these images remind them of the newspapers in Harry Potter. I personally think that they are a great wait to really draw a person into the frame. Cinemagraphs can be either in-your-face, where you can see right away what is moving or more subtle where just a tiny part is moving. I feel each has their place and I really try hard to find that point of interest.

Samgwangsa on Buddha’s Birthday

Every year it comes. On the eighth day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Korea celebrates Buddha’s Birthday. Among all of the holidays and festivals in South Korea, Buddha’s Birthday may be my favorite!

In Korean, they call it 석가탄신일 – seokga tansinil – or 부처님 오신 날 – bucheonim osin nal. In a literal sense, that means something like “the day when Buddha came.” A few weeks before the holiday itself, Buddhist temples all over the country begin preparing. They hang lanterns all over the temple and the grounds nearby. Sometimes the displays are modest, like at the small hermitages up in the remote mountains. Other times, the displays are large, lavish, and immensely colorful. There is one temple, however, which is simply breathtaking in it’s lantern display: 삼광사 – Samgwangsa.

Wear Korean traditional dress Hanbok and become a princess!

Hanbok is Korea’s traditional dress which is mainly derived from the Joseon Dynasty era. One of our Trazer, Jaebin H went to visit Goguan Studio with her friend to try out Hanbok and take pictures at the most traditional setting.

Let’s see what it was like to dress up like a Joseon Princess!

I went to Goguan studio where you can wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) with my Taiwanese friend. As far as I know, there are three branches in Seoul, and the one I’ve tried was located in Insadong (and the other two are in Myeong-dong and Hongdae).

Happy 2,578th Birthday Siddhartha Gautama (a.k.a Buddha)

Buddha’s Birthday was celebrated all over East Asia yesterday. Held on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month, Buddhists attended their local temples for free vegetarian meals, sermons and to view fiery hand crafted lanterns.

The big guy has showed up quite a bit in my travels around the Far East. He’s appeared in temples, in picture, on rocks, on mountains, and a whole host of tourist crap. His eyes are usually shut and he looks like he might be sleeping; he seems like a pretty chilled out dude to be honest.

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m not a Buddhist (nor am I much of anything really), though I do like a few of his ideas and have learnt a little about the guy.

Visualize Whirled Peas

I dream in Skyscanner part I

Buddha’s Birthday 2015


One of my favorite times of the year in South Korea is during the Buddha’s Birthday celebrations. It is a time where you get to see people celebrating something that is not commercialized or tacky. Everything is decorated with a sort of quiet charm and for the most part everything is sort of quiet.

Over the past few weeks I have visited several temples in the area to get footage for an upcoming cinemagraph video project. I must admit that I really did enjoy getting out and shooting at these great temples. I learned a lot from these past few week and I hope that you can get something out of what I learned as well.

Booze Frog (술 개구리)

Name: Booze Frog (술 개구리)

Location: Hapjeong / Sangsu

Olsoo (얼쑤)

Name: Olsoo (얼쑤) Location: Hongdae Reviewed by: Mamas and Papas on January 10th 2015 Thoughts: Right in the middle of Hongdae: the thriving, bustling beating heart of Seoul’s nightlife, where students, tourists, party […]

Some trips just don’t work out…. oh well better luck next...

Some trips just don’t work out…. oh well better luck next time! ^^ 

SURVIVAL TIP: All about taking the Korean Trains

To travel from city to city in Korea, taking a train is probably the most safest and the best way as a foreigner.

There are several types of trains in Korea.

1. Regular Trains


a) KTX : It’s the fastest train in Korea. By taking this train, it takes less than 3 hours from Seoul to Busan. Although the train fee is expensive, you can save time with high quality seats. If you go to Busan from Seoul by Mugunghwa train or a car, it takes more than 5 hours.


72 Hours in Goa

 by Mordecai Feldman

  Editor’s note:  My cousin, Mordecai “Morty” Feldman, occasionally writes articles for the Travel section of the New York Times. Last winter, Sweet Pickles & Corn’s Eli Toast and I joined him and his wife for a trip to Goa, India. He sent me the following story, which will soon be published in the Sunday magazine supplement, pending a few revisions and editorial streamlining. In exchange for me and Eli keeping quiet about a few indiscreet moments of the trip, he agreed to let the readership of SP&C have the first look at his dispatch. You’ll note that Eli and I do not appear in his article. This is not because we asked to be left out, it’s because Morty told us that he didn’t like us very much.

–Steve K. Feldman

Hair did at Hwamiju

Registration For May 23rd Meeting Open!!

Well Mamas & Papas, we have been doing this meeting thing for about three years now.  And that’s a lot of bars!  So whenever there is something new on the scene, we jump on it so others can explore.  Well there is  relatively new bar that has been receiving quite a bit of buzz lately that we couldn’t wait another second to try it out!

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