The Ultimate Guide to Doing Business in Korea

Thinking about doing business in Korea?

Need to learn about Korean business etiquette?

Navigating the murky waters of Korean Business Culture can be challenging.

There's much to be gained through a successful partnership, but many ways to lose 정 (Jeong), or the unspoken bond that holds the country together.

With the hidden rules that can make or break a business relationship in Korea, it’s important to be prepared.

These simple tips will help you avoid major mistakes when doing business in Korea.




I'm still here!

This week came and went... friday is almost here and we've done too many things.

Currently I'm singing "GZB" while my sis and I remember what we've been through with our Instagram pictures. I know you must be tired of me saying how Blessed I feel but I really do feel Blessed everyday.

Today I was walking while waiting for the train and I was thus close to take a picture of a random tree because I thougjt it looked amazing and it made my day brighter (despite being cloudy and rainy all day).

Double Trouble en Corea

I'm just gonna leave this here.....

- Gisela V.

BBQ Party!

Hello everyone!~~

I'm trying not to be lazy but this has been yet another busy weekend, I actually love being busy but I'm old and I also need some rest (lol).

Friday night was Mexican dinner night and cleaning night (the rooftop that apparently was last cleaned in 1980). I came back from work around 10:30pm so, it was a long night, we had to get up early on saturday since we had to clean the rest of the house, shower, do some grocery shopping and getting started with the party stuff...

Since we are suuuper lucky; it was cloudy and rainy so we had to stay indoors, goodbye pretty lights we set up outside :( , but despite the weather we had an amazing time, lots of people came (more than we actually thought), we all ate a lot and we even had Quesadillas thanks to Douglas aka Mr. Pendejo ♡ (hahaha).

I'm into...

Image- Instagram @seeven777

Not so lazy sunday

Heeeeeeeeeello everyone!!

Today I'm blogging from a coffe shop while sipping on my Coffee~coke (most amazing drink ever!).

I'm with my GZBz (lol) just waiting because we are due to go into Inkigayo's pre-recording for 2NE1 at 5pm...

I actually dont have much to say but I just wanted to drop by and say hello (lol ~ laaaame), yesterday we had a oretty busy day starting at 9am and finishing at midnight only to wake up at 4:30am to arrive at 2NE1's first recording at 6:30am... I wish I was home being lazy....

Yesterday we also kinda went to 2NE1's fansign lol...

Aaaaand we've signed up for a very cool traveling with locals project! (In case we didnt have enough on our hands already)

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