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Creatures of the Night: Hongdae Edition

Some things in life are like a box of chocolates: You always know what you’re going to get. (Hint: it’s goddamn chocolate in that box of chocolates, Forrest. What the fuck else were you expecting?)

For instance, if you—a young Western expatriate living in Seoul or thereabouts—decide to roll into the capital’s famed Hongdae bar/club district on a Saturday night, you know exactly what you are going to get. Your night out will be the same damn thing, beat for beat, of the last time you went to Hongdae. Your night in Hongdae will be another cycle of a time loop, like Source Code or Groundhog Day (“Ground Hongdae,” if you will.)

Lessons For The Teacher- What We Learnt To Expect When Teaching In Korea


We came to Korea to be teachers, to help children to learn. Turns out that working as an English teacher in Korea has taught us a lot of things too: lessons in leading, discipline, understanding and eternal patience (ok, still working on that last one…). And, we’ve learnt that school in Korea is completely different than in England; would you ask about a teacher’s relationship status in the UK? Most probably not. In Korea? It’s one of the first questions you’re asked (and repeatedly asked again, and again, and again).

Zen Kimchi’s Ultimate Korean BBQ Experience

I Love Seoul, I Like Temple: Temple Stay Diary


Watch Our Video about our Temple Experience Here:


Don’t Be THAT Guy

Blog Post Image – 600 x 500

So the amazing 5 Day Deal is almost over and there is just a few more hours to get in on this deal. Actually by the time that I finish this post there will probably be only an hour left. It finishes at 1 am here in Korea or 12 pm EST for the western world. That means that your time is running to get your hands on one of the most amazing bundles of photography resources that you can buy.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Social media is everywhere- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr, the list goes on. And what does social media do? It gives people a voice, a space in which they can express their views to hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people at the click of a button. Of course there are advantages to this: never has communication been easier, people connecting all over the world, talking and sharing opinions; the possibilities are endless. But, the one overwhelming negative of social media?

Korean Beauty Standards: Another Pressure Point

Working in a middle school full of adolescent girls is like being transported back in time to a teenage world of worries, insecurities, and an ever-present wish to change pretty much everything about yourself- hair, skin, body- in fact, if you look for it, you can pretty much find fault with anything, and that’s exactly what teenagers do.

RTBC Day Seven: My Co-Teacher

Reflective Teacher Blog Challenge – Day Seven: Who is your most inspirational colleague? Why?

Me and my co-teacher!

Me and my co-teacher!

In Ulsan (Cups Song – South KoREMIX)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: my most advanced first year high school students singing a revised version of the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect! Enjoy!

5DayDeal Photography Bundle Awesomeness!

Blog Post Image – 600 x 500

Few photography packages are anywhere near as good the the 5DayDeal’s Photography Bundle II. If you remember back in January they had a deal and it raised over $45,000 dollars for charity! Now they have set out to raise $100,000! While they are well on their way, I am sure that they could use a bit of help and I am sure that you could use some awesome stuff. Not to mention be entered to win $3000 worth of premium stuff like a complete edition from Topaz and a premium membership to Lynda Online Training.

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