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OinK - Only In Korea Podcast: Konglish, Showry & Korean Winter Habits

2016_01_14 Konglish, Showry, Korean Winter

OinK - Only in Korea members chose this week's topics & one brave soul left a voice message. On today's episode, Travis & Chance discuss the wonderful world of Konglish, the Korean YouTube sensation Showry, & finish by going through the interesting & often a bit odd winter habits you encounter here in South Korea.

65. – 68. Dongnae Coffee Shop, Manna Dream, Funny Salon, Happy Coffee (Gimhae)

65. Dongnae Coffee Shop. This place, in the Yeonji Park lightrail station section of Gimhae, is so small and innocuous I didn't even notice it at first. But, they made me a decent cup of 2-shot Americano for a reasonable price.

65. Dongnae Coffee Shop. This place, in the Yeonji Park lightrail station section of Gimhae, is so small and innocuous I didn’t even notice it at first. But, they made me a decent cup of 2-shot Americano for a reasonable price.

Oh, Konglish 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

In our ongoing series of the strange and wonderful ways South Korea loves to mangle the English language.

Even the damn furniture has a story to tell. It's a fun one. Get it??

Even the damn furniture has a story to tell. It’s a fun one. Get it??

But, a coffee story was ready to be told.

A coffee story was ready to be told.

Oh, Konglish

Oh, “Konglish.” They try so hard, bless them.

Truth is, they probably don’t. I compared this one time with a Korean friend to when westerners get tattoos with some kind of foreign language to show how hard they are. Will it really matter if the Korean characters are a little off when you’re showing it off in, say, New Jersey? Think about it: dark and dork might be worlds apart in meaning, but in terms of them visually, they’re not so distant, are they? Exactly.

Here is a selection of gems I got just in casual shooting over the last several months. There will certainly be more, much more to come should I actually make an effort.


Taste and enjoy your happy time.

All Kill


Questionable English Photo of the Day

Mmm Pussy?

Gotta love konglish

LOL Korea~ International Gigolo

At the mall with his girlfriend ^^;;; I wonder if he knows what it means…

Cocks in Korea

Well that sounds DELIGHTFUL!

Yay cocks!

Advanced Stand-Alone Space

Advanced Stand-Alone Space

Saw this poster for private party rooms.  These are common in many areas here in Korea, they are just little individual rooms for you and your friends or date to drink and mingle!  Some are host club situations with ladies waiting to join you (for a price), but some are not.  I don’t think this actually was a service girl host bar, but they sure made it sound like something sketchy with the Konglish.

The best CVS in the world

The best CVS in the world is a 7-11 you say?

Maybe just the best in Korea.

(From my friend Tara in Changwon ♥)

How to live WHITE

How? I dunno… I hear you need something like a 401K, Mini van, and terrible dancing skills. Right?

This is apparently a slogan to promote the new white version of this phone. OKAAAAAY~

You may get hurt from very dynamic adventure

Amusing sign before coaster ride at Lotte World theme park.

Half the signs in the park yell at me to stretch before rides… do people really cramp up?

How about you warn me to keep my arms and legs in the ride at all times instead? If they are all stretched and nimble it will not do me much good when one gets clopped off because I’m flailing around in the coaster. lol

Why does Lotte world have so much Konglish even though its a major theme-park in Seoul? Lol seriously… hire a teacher down the road to fix that.

English, You will make it do the things


“We all have our own ability. The difference is how we use it If it’s your limit, you can’t exceed it; If you exceed it, it’s not your limit”

This lovely WTF konglish comes from my friend Tara down in Changwon, its a snap-shot of a school notebook here lmao

the 0dd English + spacing mixed with the odd photos is perfect.  Actually, I see more funny konglish/engrish that come from weird spacing/line breaks of stuff on things like this VS just crazy English like the 1990′s here. Is that an improvement?

You have died of dysentery




Strive for your fresh

Came upon this amusing banner for a gym the other day. Konglish in action.. the kind that makes you just go “whaaa?”

Sounds like a mint gum slogan… not someplace you are going to get all sweaty (-_-;)

The Cúpla Focail: words, translation, creation.

I’m no linguist, but I love language. I love how language has formed into a universal description of a particular aspect of the world that surrounds you. It’s amazing. But, I’m no expert, and I couldn’t sit here and describe why this is the case and how it happened. I don’t understand it well enough. In fact the only language I could arguably claim to understand is English. And even that level of understanding is rudimentary. But, a bit like watching science happen, this is why I love language.

Just seeing language happen and seeing it function, and then having particular aspects explained, especially things like idioms, really wets my pants with excitement. Irish people, for reasons I won’t go into now, are known for their use of language, be it the gift of the gab, poetry, or basically telling some poor misfortunate what you think of them in sixteen different ways, and none of them being either pleasant, complimentary, or suitable for young ears.

The Fourteen Year-old Boy’s Mind Strikes Again

Linguistically, Korea is a wonderful place. One of my favourite things about Korea is the Englishisms. Not Konglish, but Englishisms - where people use English to express themselves in a Korean way that doesn’t really work out and which many a native English speaker titters at the miscommunication. It’s usually quite innocent and harmless, and anyone with a brain in their head knows that the exact same happens when people try use Asian writing to look cool in ‘the west’.  There is a huge amount of this in Korea and it would seem more and more appears as the days go by. Of course, this has been commented on many times before on many other blogs/websites/complaint columns/bars and there’s probably a fair few of you who are already yawning and clicking to the next page already…

Well just hold on one minute.

Pokyeom, meet Konglish

The rainy season has come and gone across the Korean peninsula (ha!), but Konglish knows no seasons, not even jangma or pokyeom.

Apologies for the noise – low light and a fast-moving subject made this a high ISO affair.

As the little boy strains to peep over his grandpas captain
Finishing touches on a madel sailing ship It’s a great
Boy the normal rockwell museum i was dreamming that i airbed at
Time again If the dream came true i could livr with modesty shabby as

Konglish – June 2011

Queen’s avenue is meaning which is

a space of the queen.

It comes to the four-star hotel and it equips

luxury ist person reel rear facility and

the top grade acoustic system of one

impression sourly


Because we all know queens worry about sound systems. Seen outside a noraebang in Suwon.

Funny English #6

My time here in The Korea has been both burnished and brightened by grammarly rules bent, and others broken, courtesy of our enduring friends on the peninsula.

For those of you unacquainted with Funny English, it's a delightful documentation of instances of English that this young blogger finds amusing.

This happy message on a vending machine greets subway commuters every morning at Nakseongdae Station. 

Funny English #5

Things have been a little active in the Farrand household of late. Heather's pregnant stomach has expanded to new horizons of enormity that I previously thought only possible in cartoons. She's feeling fine and dutifully performing her stretching exercises each night. As our finest hour approaches with quickened pace, various aspects of normal life are quietening before what I can only imagine to be some kind of storm.

Konglish in the spring

Perfect Pair of Vintage Jeans

Evisu is a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object

Unlimited challenge


Yes, because pink plaid = vintage jeans. Seen at an E-mart.

Found this while perusing an old virtual stack of photos. Don’t remember when taken or if I’ve published it before…

Waiter, there’s some Konglish in my alphabet soup…

Konglish, much like the Random Pictures series, are almost too easy to spot, as this post’s photos show. The combination of Korean and bad, BAD English never ceases to amaze me:

Because we all need a “sexy sound” coin bank. Seen in Incheon.

Today on my Coffee Sleeve:

        Espresso of Street

              when I walk on the street
                 with my coffee, 
                     I smile.

YAKP (Yet Another Konglish Post)

Gacina is the name of the brand

we always survire the highest

suality will the clistingais hed

style and the design
we do the our best for

the top

‘Nuff said.

I prefer my 김밥 and 라면 dead, thank you very much.

Funny English #4

Our episodes of Funny English are not for the sole purpose of ridiculing other people's mistaken applications of ASCII characters. Nor are they here to further inflate our own ego by gloating at our language mastery, while others proverbially flail.

They're posted simply because of their remarkable ability to amuse.

Konglish - winter edition

As you likely know, Konglish is either bad uses of English, bad English, or a bad combination of Korean and English. Enjoy!

Sounds like my fifth graders. Multi-factorial? Is this math class or a bar in Gwangju?

Oh, dear. Something tells me I don't want to know what goes on behind those windows. Seen in Dongtan.

Funny English #3

Using a lot of photos can be a good blogging strategy. That's because your average Google-streaming first time reader has an attention span that is inversely proportional to mouse-wheel scroll. I once had a photography binge when I was an undergrad, but haven't given it any serious effort since then. If you want to see some quality photography, check out Robert Koehler's travel blog. Compared to him, I'm a just measly pocketcam blogger who gets by on 3.1 megapixel nonsense. But my trusty Canon Ixus allows me to conveniently snap things that I see when I'm on the move.

From which, a post like this one arises.

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