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Oh, Konglish 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

In our ongoing series of the strange and wonderful ways South Korea loves to mangle the English language.

Even the damn furniture has a story to tell. It's a fun one. Get it??

Even the damn furniture has a story to tell. It’s a fun one. Get it??

But, a coffee story was ready to be told.

A coffee story was ready to be told.

Oh, Konglish

Oh, “Konglish.” They try so hard, bless them.

Truth is, they probably don’t. I compared this one time with a Korean friend to when westerners get tattoos with some kind of foreign language to show how hard they are. Will it really matter if the Korean characters are a little off when you’re showing it off in, say, New Jersey? Think about it: dark and dork might be worlds apart in meaning, but in terms of them visually, they’re not so distant, are they? Exactly.

Here is a selection of gems I got just in casual shooting over the last several months. There will certainly be more, much more to come should I actually make an effort.


Taste and enjoy your happy time.

All Kill


Questionable English Photo of the Day

Mmm Pussy?

Gotta love konglish

LOL Korea~ International Gigolo

At the mall with his girlfriend ^^;;; I wonder if he knows what it means…

Cocks in Korea

Well that sounds DELIGHTFUL!

Yay cocks!

Advanced Stand-Alone Space

Advanced Stand-Alone Space

Saw this poster for private party rooms.  These are common in many areas here in Korea, they are just little individual rooms for you and your friends or date to drink and mingle!  Some are host club situations with ladies waiting to join you (for a price), but some are not.  I don’t think this actually was a service girl host bar, but they sure made it sound like something sketchy with the Konglish.

The best CVS in the world

The best CVS in the world is a 7-11 you say?

Maybe just the best in Korea.

(From my friend Tara in Changwon ♥)

How to live WHITE

How? I dunno… I hear you need something like a 401K, Mini van, and terrible dancing skills. Right?

This is apparently a slogan to promote the new white version of this phone. OKAAAAAY~

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