Kimchi Jjigae

Korean Food USA: Jang Soo BBQ

7 Easy to Cook Korean Recipes

Japchae - Sweet potato noodles with shredded vegetables

Korean food is very popular, highly nutritious and absolutely easy to make. It does not take a lot of your time provided you have the key ingredients that make up the Korean kitchen. Make sure you stock your refrigerator with the following:

Korean Food USA: Chosun Korean BBQ

Korean Food USA: Woo Lae Oak

Some people are skeptical about the quality of food when they hear “chain restaurant,” but upscale Korean restaurant Woo Lae Oak, also known as “The House of Return,” has proven these stereotypes wrong. The first Woo Lae Oak to open in the U.S was in Los Angeles, California (it’s now closed), but it soon expanded to Illinois, New York, and, just recently, in Virginia. The popularity of this restaurant has been on-going since it first opened. Each of the Woo Lae Oak restaurants have a sophisticated and chic décor, but it’s not overwhelming to the customer. People can come in for a fancy event, or for a casual dinner with friends.

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