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Korean Ship with Munition on the Way to Islam-Syria

Some time ago i have read in a book or journal article of a western author - thus the text was not censored - that Kim Jong-un (North Korea) has a tendency to the Islam and also has prayed temporarily like a Muslim. As it has been in the news some days ago that Kim Jong-un has tried to support the Islamic Syria through a ship with 400 tons munition, it would interest me if Kim Jong-un is still a Muslim or if he does this rather of anti sympathy to the USA. Kim Jong-un surly wants to represent Mohammed himself. Many Greetings

Kim Jong-un Smoking Cigarettes During Hospital Tour [PHOTOS]

Listen up. I want this hospital to be the premiere lung cancer treatment center in the world! Now let me use your funny hat for an ashtray.

Starvation – A Small Price to Pay for North Korea’s Nuclear Program

In response to recent sanctions placed on North Korea by the UN Security Council, the Korean Central News Agency had this to say-

“The provokers will meet only merciless retaliatory blows.”

If North Korea’s bite were to match its bark, there would be considerable basis for concern.  Thankfully, it does not.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il Dies at 69

The Obvious News and My Opinions on the Future

Well first and foremost apologies for my blogging absence. Besides the baby news, the new Year is also bringing me a new job, a new city, and many other changes that will be discussed once I have my head wrapped around things.

That out of the way, time to repeat the big and obvious news I am sure you have heard before coming here…

From the CNN front page

To Aid or not to Aid

That is the question. A belated Happy Chuseok to everyone in Korea, I hope the time was spent enjoying the holiday with friends and family rather than backed up in traffic. It seems to me that most everywhere in the world has some form or another of a “Thanksgiving” holiday and this tends to entail eating large quantities of food (which I most certainly did). One place this seems not to be the case (at least for most of the population) however, is North Korea.

Coming via CNN, with have this story and the accompanying video of the ever-present food problem in North Korea. Like almost all of the small amount of footage of lives outside of Pyongyang, it is saddening to watch:

Kim Jong-il names successor. Should we just wait him out?

Kim Jong-il names successor. Should we just wait him out?

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