K-Brand Spotlight

ArtBox ♥ 아트박스 Korea’s #1 cute stationery shop!

Are you visiting Korea soon and looking for all sorts of cute stationery and misc treasures, but are not sure where to start or want something a step up from Daiso? Not to worry!  Korea has a very popular chain of shops that specializes in adorable goodies called ARTBOX that is a go-to place for any cute tidbits you may need!

Korea Brand Spotlight ♥ Le Bunny Bleu Shoes 버니블루

Today I have a new adorable Korean brand to share with you, my lovely readers! This is a new hit shoe brand with girls in Korea and is a shop I instantly fell in love with when they first started popping up around Seoul around 2010~ welcome to the romantic vintage world of Le Bunny Bleu! Adorable shoes every girl needs in a range of yummy colors!

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Remember~ I only work with sponsors I like or approach myself because I want to feature them anyway ^^

Celeb Style Spotting – MCM Backpacks

MCM is a major brand of leather goods here in Seoul, it is hard to go a few minutes without seeing someone walk by with something on sporting the logo pattern all over it.  MCM (which stands for Mode Creation Munich) is originally a German-based leather goods company that was founded in 1976 and was met with considerable popularity for its flashy looks in the 1980s.  Sadly by the mid 1990′s the label was pretty much dead since it clashed with the simple subtle style during that time.

Korea Brand Spotlight♥ 봄곰 Bomgom



Today I have a really fun Korean indie accessory brand to share with you~ 봄곰 Bomgom! If you like toys, random fun items, and have a playful style this brand is one you should definitely check out!

8Seconds ♥ Korea 2012 fashion brand~ Gangnam location grand opening!


 Are you looking for a good place to shop in Gangnam?

This past weekend the newest location of the Korean Brand  8 Seconds (aka 8ight seconds, 8seconds, or 에잇세컨즈 ) opened its doors at last with crowds lining up!  I figured this would be a perfect time to not only share some photos of its newest (and I think nicest) location yet, but introduce the brand to you guys as a whole!

Enakei: Cute Artist, Brand, & Haul!

Today I would like to share with you the adorable Korean accessory brand Enakei! For girls who like very feminine pieces with a cute twist!

Korean Brand Spotlight- bpb Accessories

The other day while shopping around in the trendy 가로수 길 Garosugil area, I found an amazing Korean brand being sold in one of the boutiques that I just had to share~ it fits right in with the eyeball and bone + Punky Pop trend atm.

Let me introduce you to bpb 비피비 Accessories!

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