John's Erotic Korean Culinary Food Fetish Folios

John’s Erotic Korean Culinary Food Fetish Folios 1: 뚝배기 불고기

Tonight for the first time, I think, I enjoyed a meal of Ddokbaegi bulgogi, at my local kimbap shop, Woncho.

This is the first of what will be an ongoing series of posts focusing on my Korean dining exploits, called “John’s Erotic Korean Culinary Food Fetish Folios,” or just JEKCFFF for shortsies. I should have done this sooner, since I’ve been eating mass quantities of Korean food for nearly nine months (longer if you count the Korean food I ate back at home), and there are certainly people–both those curious about Korea or planning to eventually come here, as well as those a bit too shy or Hangul illiterate to dare take the leap–who will no doubt find some benefit from this. If for no reason, other than to get their food porn jollies off.

I have posted about food before, so I’ll be going back and re-tagging those so hopefully they all will be accessible in easy-to-find bites.

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