It's Still Pretty Remarkable That I'm Here

Your Grand Adventure (In Retrospect)

Often, inspiration comes when you least expect it. Namely, when you have vowed to study some Korean before work but are finding every reason possible to do everything except that, including but not limited to:

*Giving your washing machine a cleaning by running an empty cycle with hot water and dish soap, which you did not find out about on the Internet but through a friend on Facebook, who heard about it on the internet

*Talking to friends on Facebook

*Putting away your rice cooker because you’ve been eating too much rice and do believe cutting that will keep the fourth and fifth graders from calling you fat (it won’t)

*Making coffee

*Drinking coffee

*Folding the clothes from the clothes horse, which have been dry and hanging from said clothes horse for three days but NOW they HAVE TO BE FOLDED

*Watering your sad, sad plants

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