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Traveling to Korea – What You Need to Know

When you travel to Korea it is good to know more about the lifestyle, food, weather, and other information about it first. Here you will find the information you need to know about Korea so you are prepared before you travel.

People – The people you will meet in Korea are friendly and willing to help you around if needed. Many are curious about the English language and find it intriguing to watch anyone that is speaking English.

Culture – In Korea, they have a unique cuisine that sets them apart from others within the region. There is a modern yet artistic style to the architecture of the buildings. Many Koreans are either Christians or Buddhists, others are influenced by traditional Confucian and traditional Buddhist philosophies.

South Korea may soon be richer than Japan

FOR years, Japan was Asia’s richest and most powerful economy. It was the first Asian economy to industrialise, and the emerging Asian tigers—Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and later China—merely followed in its tracks. Now, however, Japan is steadily being overtaken.

The Korean Red Helping Hood – Tourist Information Center On The Move

Few years ago a Chinese woman lost her 74-year-old grandfather when they were in Korea and touring the Dongdaemun area in Seoul. He was not able to board the tour bus after Dongdaemun shopping. The problem got compounded as he had no money plus he did know the local language. Listening to her plea, around 6 employees from the Dongdaemun Tourist Information Center set out to help and locate her missing grandfather. They made every effort to locate him – reported the police, checked the CCTV footage of the nearby malls till they finally tracked him down near the Dongdaemun Culture and History Park. They managed to successfully reunite the Chinese woman with her missing grandfather after 24 hours, 10 minutes.

Moving Tourist Information Center Korea

Understanding South Korea

Here is a beautiful video about South Korea. But in my opinion, it could also work as a 5 min pitch by the Korean Inc. to the world out there. It very nicely puts together some  important highlights of Korea:

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