문래창작촌 | Seoul Art Space | Mullae-dong, Mullae Line 2 Part 2

문래창작촌 | Seoul Art Space | Mullae-dong, Mullae Line 2 A rainy...

Getting The Shot 18: Onsan Spaceship


Setting out to shoot in Onsan is not an easy task for anyone. The key here is transportation and knowing where to go. You also must go in with the understand that they don’t necessarily want you photographing their facilities. This means the there are very few clear shots of the factories and takes a bit of driving to find which places have a clear line of sight.

Night Shots of Onsan


With the December meet up of the Photographers in Ulsan Photography Club, I thought that I would make this post about how to get the shots from that location, so that people can get some practice and make the best out of their time.


Onsan Petrochemical Complex

For years I have looked for places around this area to get a good vantage point. This seems like a simple thing but it is not. Suffice to say that this entire area is not photo-friendly. They have even managed to blur themselves out of most of the mapping pages like Daum and Google. So why would anyone want to photograph such an industrial wasteland of pipes, factories, chimneys and other things that environmentalists like to pick-on? Well, because it is just cool, that’s why.

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