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Labour: Guilty by association?

Is it racist for someone to say, “Chinese people are bad”?

Obviously, yes of course that is racist.

Not only is it completely prejudiced to believe that based only on their outer appearance and culture, it’s also completely illogical to hate all of the one billion people that happen to live in China and the millions more around the world.

My dictionary defines racism like this:



Too poor for our shores

“Family life is a human right, let the families in!” Gathered outside the Home Office on Thursday afternoon, a small but passionate crowd demonstrated against Home Secretary Theresa May’s rigid family migration laws.


July 9 marked the third anniversary since May introduced rigid financial requirements for all British citizens wishing to settle here with a partner born outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

In order to exercise the fundamental human right to family life, the British partner must earn at least £18,600 a year.

That figure increases to £22,400 if they want to bring in a child. Bringing additional children requires a further £2,400 of income per child.

South Korean Police Arrest Wrong Nigerian, Refuse To Contact His Embassy

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea says the 2014 arrest of a Nigerian man violated his rights as authorities refused repeated requests to contact his embassy for more than a week.

Maxwell Iruviere says police confused him with another Nigerian & is now seeking compensation for his November 2014 false arrest & imprisonment. Korea FM spoke with Iruviere & Lawyers For A Democratic Society Attorney Yuna Lee about the incident.

Special Envoy for LGBT Human Rights Randy Berry visits Korea

This is a translation of an article from the Huffington Post Korea
Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons Ra

New human rights commissioner has history of homophobia

South Korea has appointed another chairman with decidedly anti-LGBT beliefs to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

I reported last year on the appointment of Pastor Choi E-woo, who faced calls of resignation due to his past inflammatory remarks in relation to LGBT individuals. Unfortunately, Pastor Choi, who continues in his role as a non-permanent executive board member, is now joined by the equally misinformed Lee Sung-ho. 

Save Our Human Rights Act!

Today our unelected, rule-by-birthright, tax-dodging Head of State read a few pieces of paper live on TV, written for her by our millionaire, fuck-the-poor Prime Minister and his millionaire chums.

It’s always nice to be read a “programme for working people” by a woman with a jewel encrusted hat from a golden chair in a house of lords surrounded by royal ugly dudes and their medals: Makes you proud to live in a classless democratic country, doesn’t it?

Human rights guaranteed, if you can afford it!

You can’t marry who you want. Did you know that? You might think you can, but in this country, you can’t.

Now, you might say that’s rubbish. You might say, “This 2014. This is the UK. This is a democracy. I can settle down with any gender of any race, colour or creed I choose. It is a basic human right. The right to a private and family life is protected in the UK by the Human Rights Act of 1998.”

Well, you’d be wrong.

Park Won-soon's Apology

It looks like Occupy City Hall has been successful. Mayor Park Won-soon released this apology on Facebook (TKQ translation).

In the recent process of enacting a Seoul Human Rights Charter and the issues that were raised by Seoul citizens and the 'Seoul Human Rights Charter' Enactment Committee, I bow my head and apologize for the anxiety I have caused.

Queer Activists Occupy City Hall: Day 4

City Hall was occupied once again today in response to Mayor Park Won-soon cowing to pressure from Christian groups and indefinitely postponing the implementation of a Human Rights Charter in Seoul. On my way home from work, I stopped by to snap a few pictures and show my support. If only I could just spend my day being an activist...

Gay Activists Occupy City Hall: Day 3

In response to the postponement of a human rights charter that would have protected sexual minorities from discrimination, gay activists are currently in their third day of occupying City Hall.

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